How to Make Coconut Oil

Learn how to make oil-natural homemade coconut, for use in your meals and beauty treatments.

How to Make Homemade Coconut Oil

The chemicals, preservatives and artificial agents are present in almost all oil products found in the market. That’s why I teach here make homemade coconut oil, easy and using fresh fruit, so make sure you get a completely natural product, free of artificial aggregates and industrialization processes that kill all its enormous nutritional power. Let us work!

BeautyBenefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the noblest oils that can be used both in the kitchen as in the preparation of masks, soaps and all kinds of home treatments for beauty and health. It is very resistant to high temperatures oil, making it ideal for cooking, while also having a huge supply of fatty acids (lauric, myristic, palmitic) that make it extremely easy to digest, caring for stomach health, intestinal and pancreatic. What’s more, raise your energy, boost metabolism, improve cardiovascular health and immune system in general.

Because of its enormous supply of vitamins and antioxidants, consuming coconut oil and use it in treatments and beauty products and cosmetics will improve the appearance and health of your nails, your hair and your whole skin. Since fights free radicals, your skin will be less affected by the lines and dryness have less wrinkles and even brighter, with a large while hydrated.

Making coconut oil at home

To make homemade coconut oil , you must first get your milk. To prepare about 1 cup of coconut milk , use 8 large coconuts, when shaken, make good sound of water. Prepare a story or large bowl, putting in his mouth filter pasta prepared with a white and very clean cloth: we will use to filter the product.

Drill coconuts, carefully, in the 3 most vulnerable points (from where coconut is attached to the tree) and recovers the liquid into a bowl, filtering to remove strands and other debris which can sneak. Open coconuts in halves or quarters, and place flesh side down into the hot oven for 5-7 minutes.

Remove them and prying with a knife, scoop out the flesh, cut into pieces and carried blender with hot water 3 cups of hot water for every 2 cups chopped coconut meat. Click to emulsify, high power, and then filtered through the fabric at the same bowl where you had coconut water previously extracted. Press the fabric up, to get the maximum amount of coconut milk.

Put the milk collected in a glass jar with screw cap, tightly closed, and leave at room temperature for 24-48 hours to ferment. You will notice that, over time fermentation in the bottle the product is divided into two layers: a thick (the cocoa butter ) and a liquid. Take the refrigerator uncovered for one hour to solidify the butter and easier to remove. Place in a saucepan and heat over low heat while you stir constantly to prevent burning, and evaporate the remaining water left him.

When you notice that the butter is melted, leaving the bottom solid waste removing sees achieved coconut oil and filter it through a fine clean cloth. Bottled and allowed to cool to room temperature, then store in the fridge or use directly on your food or beauty treatments.

Make coconut oil at home is very easy, and can benefit all its great benefits and properties for health, beauty and wellness.

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