How to Make Hair Grow fast

Various tips and homemade recipes to grow hair faster, and you will leave deeply nourished, healthy and shiny hair. Tricks and homemade recipes to grow hair faster, and you will leave deeply nourished, healthy and shiny hair.

Tips and tricks for growing hair

Make hair grow faster is possible, if we can have a healthy hair and nourished from the root. There are numerous very effective commercial products that use the same basic ingredients, which are achieved with the preparation of old home remedies for hair growth.

FashionHere is a list of recipes and homemade tricks to make hair grow faster, you will choose the ones you want.

  • Olive oil – Apply to hair olive oil every week for thirty minutes, then wash with warm water normally.
  • Aloe and honey to make hair grow faster – Remove the pulp several bunches of aloe vera mixed with honey and apply on the scalp. Leave on for 20 minutes and wash normally.
  • Onion for healthy hair – Chop onion and add it to shampoo. Let stand for fifteen days and use the shampoo normally. It not only accelerates hair growth but gives a spectacular shine.
  • Aloe and onion – Prepare a shampoo with aloe and small pieces of onion to wash hair for 2-3 times a week. To enhance the effect, use rosemary or avocado conditioner to moisturize your hair.
  • Power breakfast – One tablespoon of soy lecithin, one tablespoon of wheat germ, a tablespoon of honey, a tablespoon of brewer’s yeast and yogurt. Mix all the ingredients with yogurt, and add this homemade recipe for breakfast every day. In a week you will see as the hair grows very fast and forceful.
  • Potato Water – When cooking potatoes, save the water used and the same day use it to rinse your hair.
  • Birth Control Pills to grow hair fast – Buy a box of birth control pills of any brand or type. Take 10 to 15 pills of the box, put them in a plastic bag and crush them gently until they become a powder. You gather all the dust and add a bottle of shampoo you normally use, mix well and let stand at least one day. Then use that shampoo with normal frequency.
  • Rosemary oil – In a bowl put 1/2 cup of olive oil and two tablespoons of dried rosemary. Heat it in the microwave for 2 minutes. Let stand two or three days, strain and store. Use this preparation to be massaged into the scalp after shampooing.
  • Tomato, olive oil and aloe vera for thick hair – Another remedy to grow hair, use a liquid tomato with a drizzle of olive oil, warm standing across the root of the scalp and let it sit for as long as possible, if this mixture you add aloe will result even better.
  • The moon to grow hair faster – Just cut the hair tips every month on the day of waxing. The court will give strength to the hair, and the effects of the moon on all the bodies will promote growth in the next period.
  • Nutrition for hair – An egg, a drizzle of olive oil, two tablespoons of honey. Apply to the scalp while massaging firmly. Cover your head with a towel for half an hour and wash normally.
  • Prevent hot water – Rinse your hair with cold or warm but not hot water.
  • Another homemade recipe with onion for hair – Chop half a red onion, four cloves of garlic and two cinnamon sticks. Boil everything in a pot for fifteen minutes and rinse your hair with this infusion for four days straight.
  • Cactus or aloe to nourish hair deep – Cut several cactus leaves or chopped aloe, and leave them in water overnight to loosen the goo. Using the result as a rinse for the hair, leaving it as long as possible.
  • Creams for Hair – Apply a moisturizing cream or gel to shape the hair instead of oil, because sun exposure a day are activated by the heat and leave the hair.
    Another home remedy olive oil for hair growth – Take a teaspoon of olive oil with a glass of milk (to cut oil flavor)
  • Grapeseed oil – Rub the scalp with grape seed oil. Leave for a while and then wash. Ideal complement to apply another trick to make hair grow.
    Rosemary water – A daily rinse with rosemary water will make hair grow faster.

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