How to Make Homemade Flea

Help your pet live quieter this season preparing this homemade flea sensational

Homemade recipe to make a natural flea. How to prevent fleas from your pet with a homemade product. How to prepare a natural anti fleas

Home ImprovementHow to Make Homemade Flea

Do fleas and other insects invade your carpets, rugs and attack your pets? Help them regain peace and well-being with this wonderful home flea prepared at home. You only need three ingredients to get very easy and very inexpensive to make a provision of Natural flea for the entire season. Hands!

What does this flea?

This Natural flea and home is a powder that is applied directly to the skin and fur of dogs, cats and other large, or even on carpet and cuchas, to prevent future attacks of these pest animals. Being a natural compound is safe, and you can easily remove it if necessary, only brushing your pet’s coat or vacuuming surfaces.

This is not only a natural product, but also an effective insecticide that will protect your pets from fleas, ticks, and insect bites. His list of ingredients is very easy to get, including:

  • Flour or diatomaceous earth : It is a powder obtained from the fossilized remains of tiny aquatic organisms (diatoms) with high silica content. You can get it by that name or as “DE”, “diatomite” or “Diatomaceous Earth” in English. Its action is physical and not chemical: helps dehydrate the body cold-blooded insects, without affecting warm-blooded. Although there are detractors of this product, the investigations show that the diatomaceous earth or flour food grade safe for warm-blooded animals like humans, dogs, cats and other.
  • Neem powder : Another natural repellent insecticide from neem tree extracts, rich in azadirachtin that inhibits metamorphosis of insects and prevents their preproduction, while moisturizing the skin of warm-blooded animals.
  • Yarrow powder : It is a powerful natural healing, which helps to improve wound and promotes healing, soothing irritated skin of warm-blooded animals, adding an effective antimicrobial power.

Natural anti flea preparation

To make a supply of natural anti fleas , you will need:

– 1 cup of diatomaceous earth
– 1/2 cup Neem powder
– 1/2 cup powdered yarrow
– A bottle or container to prepare
– A rubber spatula or wooden
– A plastic bottle with perforated lid to easily apply ( You can use an old container Pedal talc)

To prepare the homemade flea , just mix all ingredients in large bowl or jar, making sure to integrate seamlessly and dissolve any lumps that may have formed. Canned into the jar or pot with perforated cover and other protective cover to prevent moisture from condensing atmosphere and always keep it in perfect condition.

Using the homemade flea

Brush the fur of your pet to remove any dirt or visible insect (may be after the shower, but with the dry coat). Apply natural flea, sprinkling over the mantle from the head and the tail , ensuring that the product is insert well in the coat. You can massage with hands, bare or gloved hygiene, or even brush gently against the grain to better distribute the product and deliver it to your skin. To clean carpets, sprinkle the home flea in the doghouse or zone, and brush gently with a broom, distributing it better.

Try to avoid contact with eyes, mouth, nose and inside their ears and anus and vaginal area, for safety. Also be sure to apply powder on the tummy, chest and lower neck, plus legs, tail and back.

Use the flea home once a month, or as needed and according to the regularity of baths that give your pet (must then repeat bathing and drying her hair). Before returning to clean her, brush against the grain and in favor of the robe to remove debris, and scratches his skin during bathing. Already dry his fur, do not forget to reapply the Natural flea and home for your pet and environments loitering are always free of fleas and insects.

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