How to make homemade wine

Do you dare to make your own homemade wine? In this guide we explain all the steps to achieve it.

Guide to making homemade wine

Wine is a great tasting drink and fantastic health claims has spread everywhere in the world, which makes that has a lot of fans and professionals who enjoy learning more every day about this fantastic liquor.

DrinkIn this note we will pretend to give the essential steps so that we can make our own homemade wine. Undoubtedly, this is an entertaining and very satisfying process, as there is nothing like what you produce will be consumed.

By choosing our handcrafted wine grape

The first step in the preparation of our homemade wine is to make us a good amount of grapes, whose range depends on the type of wine you want to make.

Many types of grapes and many ways to prepare it, although in our case we will speak directly of sweet red grapes.

Without removing the skin, we will crush the grapes. This task can perform step on it, as was done formerly, or by using a dam to crush and remove all the juice. In our case, it is more convenient to get hold of a dam, as it is not advisable to start making too much wine, at least until we have the proper practice to get the perfect flavor and aroma. As we go getting the desired wine, we can gradually increase the amounts gradually.

Fermentation of wine

Once we have obtained the must (juice extracted from grapes), we will proceed to remove the remaining fermentation without grinding.

To do this, we can introduce this wine in a metal container, or a centerboard (clay pot) that leave open. Wait a few days until fermentation occurs. A rough estimate is about two days per hundred liters of grape juice.

It is very important to control the temperature of the grape juice during fermentation. In the case we are making white wine, the temperature should never exceed 20 degrees Celsius. If it is red wine (as in the case we are studying), the temperature should never exceed 30 degrees Celsius.

If you do not take care of the temperature, the wine will spoil and we can continue making our wine.


Once you have spent time Fermentation proceed to filter. Firstly, it is desirable to use a filter width, so that does not filter all the impurities, but only the skins and larger pulp.

Then we can spend the filtrate with a new filter, this time thinner, thus ensuring that only impurities pass.

Third and finally, we can get with a fabric filter, allowing us to obtain a high purity filter. If we consider it appropriate, we will make the latter leaked a couple of times, so that we are completely sure that we removed all the impurities.

How wine marinate

In this step we have to let go wine marinate. To do this, we will introduce new fluid in the keel, closing it this time, and leave it in a cool place without temperature variations during a period of thirty days at least.

Ideally in this case is to use oak instead of the keel, as it will provide a range of hues and a much more suitable flavor. In particular, if we use an oak barrel, it is advisable to maintain more than 30 days maceration.


Once the wine maceration period elapsed, proceed back to filter the liquid as we did before, so that it is as clean as possible, eliminating new solids have appeared.


Now, once I made the transfer, we will package the wine, if possible, in glass bottles sealed with a natural cork.

After packing the house wine, must wait at least thirty days before consumption, so that the liquid suit and combines enough.

The enjoyment of our handcrafted wine

The last step is the most enjoyable: we will uncork the bottle and taste wine. In this case, it is advisable to wait several minutes after uncorking to the tasting, so that the best wine is oxygenated, taking a full and final taste.

As mentioned at the beginning, it is normal for that prepare first artisan wines do not go as expected. If we have doubts, we can perform the process in different formats. That is, the amount of wine macerated for thirty days and another, for example, for ninety, and to test them, we look at the difference in shades.

Gradually we will be getting the desired wine.

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