How to Make Soy Meat

Did you know that you can make soy meat at home, easily and quickly? Notes prepared this recipe and a healthy, light and very rendidor saucer.

Try to make soy meat wrapped, tacos, tortillas and a tasty vegetarian menu.

How to Make Soy Meat House

For those who seek to limit the consumption of animal products, make soy meat can be the answer to their prayers. It is a tasty, healthy food and you can adapt to your liking with special flavors and always natural to meet your daily requirements of essential nutrients such as protein, this time from plants.

RecipeLearn the simple recipe and put it into practice, by following these tips.

Preparation of soybeans

The essential thing is to purchase grain or soybeans of the highest quality possible. Search the market for your organic soy beans City whose packaging did not see the GM or GMO code because they indicate that it is a GM product.

Remove from the package, rinse them with enough safe water in two or three washes, to exclude dirt, loose mill scale, and then let the soybeans soak overnight (12 hours is better), at a ratio of three cups of water for a cup of raw soybeans.

The next day, drain the water removing all you can and if you want, remove the skin of soybeans one by one. It is a somewhat tedious task you could avoid, but doing so will achieve soy meat with a mild flavor and smooth, and less digestive problems for those who have difficulties with beads.

Recipe for homemade soy meat

Place soybeans in the blender with some water (to about 400 grams of soy, a size well coffee water sufficient) to achieve a thick, chewy texture. Blend to a paste, making sure there are no whole grains or visible. Pour into a pot of appropriate size.

Without washing the blender, add there the following:

– 1 carrot, peeled and cut into cubes
– 1 beet (beet, beet) and boiled in water,
– 1 sweet red pepper (raw or cooked) diced,
– 1 yard of green onion with white and green,
– 1 sprig of mint or fresh mint
– 1 handful of small basil fresh
– Generous 1 handful of parsley or fresh cilantro
– 1 head of garlic (their teeth as well peeled)
– 1 teaspoon dried oregano
– 1 teaspoon dried brewers yeast powder (you can use fresh if you want)
– 1/2 cup soy sauce are salt (look for organic, chemical-free)
– A touch of cayenne pepper if you like soy meat spicier
– Half a cup of water
– Sea salt to taste
– A teaspoon of fresh ginger grated or chopped.

If you want you can add a capsule of vitamin B (B12), A or E. Press to integrate all the vegetables with the remaining soy blender, then pour the preparation into the pot.

Mix both well prepared, and incorporates a cup of whole wheat flour, spelled or whole wheat flour you prefer. Once everything is well incorporated, this meat substitute soy is ready for cooking.

If you’re baking, we recommend mixing with olive oil to keep moisture. You can cook on the grill, fry, add a little more wheat flour or rolled oats (not instant) to form meatballs, kebabs or even burgers, or maybe fry with chopped onion to ground beef for meat sauce, pies, cakes or whatever you want. Do not add too much flour or oatmeal, as soy meat during cooking will harden.

A safety note regarding soy

There are those who love soy and deeply advertise against, listing potential health hazards. The truth is that soy is a food of the highest nutritional value, so that was listed by the World Health Organization in category PDCAAS 1 i.e. the maximum nutritional value of a protein food.

But it certainly has some cons, because the vast majority of soy we consume today is transgenic or genetically modified. Moreover, thanks to advances in research and application of changes in farming practices, today states that, increasingly, GM foods may have more benefits than harm.

Now that you know how to make soy meat at home, and their details for security, prepare the decision is yours.

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