How to Organize and Display Family Photos Throughout Your Home

Whether you’re a newlywed or you have a house full of children, when it comes to putting accents on your home that will make it feel warm and inviting, one of the best approaches to take is to display some family photos. And while that could consist of simply putting a couple of 8×10 framed pictures on a desk or shelf, there are other things that you can do that will help to make your sentimental pictures a work of art.

If you’d like a few tips on how you can creatively organize and display your family photographs throughout your home, here are five ideas that will work well in virtually any room of your house.

Display them as a puzzle. In many ways, being in a family is a lot like a jigsaw puzzle in the sense that it takes different pieces to create one big picture. So why not display some of your family pictures in that fashion? By having photos matted and framed in all different sizes, it can be a beautiful way to showcase your family on a big blank wall in your living room or master bedroom.

Make the prints poster size. Thanks to smartphones (and the software that is on them), even if you’re a novice when it comes to photography, you can still take candid pictures of your kids that look like you’re a professional. So if you happen to catch some wonderful shots of them swimming in the summer or playing in the snow during the winter, download the pictures and send them to your local Kinko’s. They can blow them up to be poster size at a really affordable price. They can even put them on cardboard so that you can hang them in your bonus room, office or your children’s bedrooms.

Be sentimental with the framing. Something else that’s pretty creative and also very sweet is to focus on the framing of your pictures. For instance, if you recently celebrated a wedding anniversary and you threw a big party, ask all of your guests to write some well wishes on a large piece of stock paper. Then, you can put one of your photographs on top of it and frame it. It’s like having a greeting card and picture to display all in one.

Create a collage. Say that you went to a place like Diego Molina Photography to take some family photos. If you were to ask your photographer about another fun thing that you can do when it comes to organizing and displaying your family photos, something that they might recommend is making your own collage. This is an awesome idea if you want to combine formal pictures with old smaller shots that you may have in photo albums. For tips on how to make a great photo collage, visit Canvas Pop and put “create a photo collage” in the search field or go to Creative Bloq and put “the best photo collage tools” in the search field.

Design a family tree (literally). If you or someone in your family has a knack for drawing or painting, something else that you can do is design your own family tree. You can create the tree and limbs with paint or stencil. Then you can make “leaves” by hanging small pictures from the bottom of the limbs. In a bonus room or even a dining room, it serves as a really nice conversation piece, a truly special way to share your family photos inside of your home.

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