How to Pass a Betrayal

What to do when someone betrays us? How to overcome this difficult time?

Tips for Overcoming Betrayal

That person whom we trusted so much, which we had our secrets and thoughts, perhaps to which we gave all our love, has betrayed us. The world is much more bleak and dreary than yesterday, and should cost almost as if we breathe. But you must, to move forward and overcome this bitter pill that life has placed in your path.

RelationshipWhen we talk of treason inevitably talk about pain. It may be someone spreading our most perfidious, dark secret, can be our beloved fleeing in other arms that are not ours. It may even be deliberately or unintentionally some betrays what can only be regarded as stupidity, and not have it any drop of evil.

Moreover, evil is not what makes it betrays, but the need. The have new tastes, counting curiosities that make him look like informed of all, to raise their pride have felt abandoned, neglected, even without reason.

But you must remember, first, that betrays who is also a human being, with all its flaws and virtues. Pride, greed, selfishness and many others are mere qualities of humanity, and you must remember it is an important part of the way to overcome the betrayal that special person himself, above all, almost magic in your eyes, today has proved just one more of other human beings, including their right to do wrong.

Overcoming a betrayal

  • There is no magic formula to overcome a betrayal, but there are ways to achieve this. Everyone chooses and actually builds its own way, from what’s in the mind and heart, the type of betrayal, damage done and detached aftermath of this betrayal.
  • Like any fall the most important thing is to first get up and try to achieve stability . Do not you lie down to mourn in bed or lock yourself in your house to insult from afar, this will not help, and it will leave a dark and gloomy aura in your home. Preferably, get out there, meet with friends, a therapist with a dog or a tree to tell what happened.
  • Never hide or deny (nor is it that you count out loud), someone or something must be your new confessor, if you’ve lost it, to get that energy darker inside your mind and body.
  • Having already spoken of this, salt to life !. Learn new things, activities, go to concerts, go for coffee, walks through a shopping mall, or go to a presentation of street art. These things will fill your mind with new thoughts, images and memories, and keep busy enough as to rest pain during the day. At night, rent a movie, read a book, meet with other people, kitchen and do the things you hold hands and mind.
  • Over time not thinking about the betrayal will be almost a healthy habit, a necessary relief and healing come sooner, towards a better tomorrow, full of new possibilities and adventures to live and discover.

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