How to Prevent an AC System Breakdown in Summer

It’s during the peak of summer that we find ourselves being the most thankful for our air conditioners. After all, they are what help to keep us cool and comfortable inside of our homes when it’s scorching hot outside. And being that we rely on them so much, it’s important to do everything possible to make sure that it does not go on the fritz.

How to Prevent an AC System Breakdown in Summer

If you’re curious to know about some of the simple and effective ways that you can prevent your AC system from breaking down this summer, here are five really helpful tips:

Change your AC’s filter. Although you might already know that you should change your air conditioner’s air filter every 60-90 days, you might not know why it’s such an essential thing to do. First, being that your filter is what helps to keep dirt, dust, debris and dander out of the air, you need a clean filter in order to do that. Also, when your filter is clogged up, it causes your unit to work harder than it actually should to push the air through. When that happens, it can ultimately lead to a breakdown.

Check for leaks. Just like your body needs blood and your car needs oil, your air conditioner needs refrigerant. So, when there are leaks in your AC, that can lead to all kinds of problems with your unit. If you happen to see some leaking, this is not something to overlook. You should call a reputable technician as soon as possible.

Don’t overuse your unit. Although you might not think that it’s possible to overuse your unit, the reality is that you can. That’s why you should preferably have a programmable thermostat and always have it set to “auto” so that your unit will cut on and off periodically. If it constantly stays on, it can cause overheating, blow capacitors and ultimately compressor failures too. For information on the many benefits that come with having a programmable thermostat, visit and put “the benefits of a programmable thermostat” in the search field.

Protect the outer part of the unit. When it comes to proper AC maintenance, something else that you should make sure to do is protect the outer part of your unit. When there are storms or even when you are doing landscaping, sometimes debris and twigs can affect your unit. So, consider purchasing a canvas that can serve as a covering for the outer part. You can usually find them at one of your local home improvement stores.

Get your unit serviced. Something else that you should do to help keep your air conditioner in top condition is to have it serviced twice a year. By having a professional HVAC technician come to look at your unit in the spring and in the fall, not only can it help to extend the life of it, but it will also reduce your monthly energy costs too. For tips on how to find a reputable HVAC technician within your area, go to Angie’s List and put “find an HVAC technician” in the search field.


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