How to recognize a friend

What signs you should be aware to know if someone is really your friend.

The need friends

In general, human beings can not live isolated from others, and those who do so are often seen with limited social skills or victims of psychological conditions.

RelationshipWhatever the case, most people need at least a significant link with another. Many are looking to have a lot of friends to feel good; and others are frustrated by their inability to make friends easily.

Some believe that true friends can be counted on the fingers of one hand, and are considered true friends when they are with you through thick and thin. Sometimes we meet people who are not sincere and that we provide a friendship full of conditions and hidden reasons.

How to recognize a good friend

To know if someone is really your friend, there are certain signals that we must put attention.

  • A true friend is with you supporting you both happy times and sad, not judge you but help you, not lying, not cheating on you and treat you well without offending your integrity or personal dignity.
  • A true friend likes you and loves you for who you are without trying to change your essence, never turns its back on the most difficult moments.
  • A friend listens and understands you even if you do not share your point of view, you defend against injustice, and gives advice respecting your decisions.
  • Most friendships are tested through time, understanding each other and trying to accept the strengths and weaknesses of the other person.

Although there are many people who have been betrayed, friendship exists and is very beautiful, just that it must choose wisely and heart

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