In business relationships, priority

With success comes many things, including a network largest business but how you can keep in touch with everyone and answer your requests?

The key is to apply the Pareto Principle, the 80/20 rule. Think of your most important relationships, including identifying 20% more relevant.

in-business-relationships-priorityApplying the Pareto Principle

Dedicate 80% of your time

To cultivate the relationship with that select group of customers accounting for 20% of your best customers, dedicating 80% of your time, energy and resources.

Be proactive

Establishes regular meetings to lunch with them and hold face to face meetings that reference your bond with them.

Be creative

Liaises beyond the professional environment that allow forebear your bond with them by common interests or hobbies.

For second-level contacts, the possibility of organizing a social event two or three times a year to stay in touch.

The 80/20 principle allows you to continue to nourish and protect your relational ecosystem, which is the biggest determinant of your professional success in the future.

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