How to keep your office chairs clean

What’s used for more than 40 hours a week, supports you at work but has probably got a little grubby over time? Yes, you’ve got it – your office chair! The office chair swerves us faithfully everyday but we tend to take it for granted and it doesn’t get the kind of attention that our chairs at home would.

Have a good look at your faithful office chair and you’ll see that it could be breeding ground for bacteria, dust and dirt. When was the last time it had a good clean? Here are some common materials used for office chairs and the best way to keep them hygienic and looking good.

  1. Upholstered

Fabric or upholstered chairs are an economical choice for many offices and as such, are a common sight. Fabric has a tendency to attract dirt however, as well as lint, spills and dust.

Ideally, the first stage of cleaning a fabric chair is to vacuum it first to lift the dust and surface dirt. An upholstery-cleaning foam can be applied over all areas of the fabric and left according to the manufacturer’s instructions. A hard-bristled brush can then be used for scrubbing off stubborn stains. The chair should be left for around 10 minutes to dry and then vacuumed again to lift any dirt that the foam has brought to the surface.

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  1. Leather

Leather chairs look great in an office, very professional and smart. However, they too can get grubby over time. As these chairs are more expensive, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Vacuuming regularly is a good idea for leather for getting rid of surface dust and debris. A brush with a soft bristle will avoid damaging the delicate material.

For ease of upkeep, a leather chair can be wiped over with a clean, damp cloth about once a week. For a more thorough clean, soft mild soap and water on a lint-free cloth can be used to give the chair a once over. Also available are special leather protector wipes to keep the material conditioned. A professional cleaning crew will know how to protect different materials. For Office Cleaning in Cheltenham, contact Intocleaning.

  1. Mesh

Mesh chairs have become very popular recently thanks to their ergonomic design and fresh look. However, at first glance it can be difficult to see how you could clean one. The great thing about their design though is that the mesh allows for a greater level of airflow, so the material won’t have absorbed as much as other material types.

The first step is a good vacuuming of the chair, ideally a portable handheld device for ease. Some soap, water and a cleaning cloth can take care of the rest. A bit more force can be applied to scrubbing one of these chairs as the material is hardy. Cotton buds can be used to clean all the little gaps and then the chair can be left to air dry before use. Alternatively, include it as part of the schedule for your professional crew who provide Office Cleaning in Cheltenham.

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  1. Metal and Plastic

All you need for this is an antibacterial wipe, a damp cloth in some soapy water or an all-purpose cleaner. Ensure a metal chair or metal parts are thoroughly dried to avoid possible corrosion.


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