Keeping your shower sparkly and clean

Whilst many of us will point to the pleasures of a good bath a nice shower can be just as restful and peaceful. The only thing that you need to worry about in a shower is the mess that one can cause if there are not decent panels in place to keep the water in. Plus keeping the shower clean is a bit of a chore but with a few things that we’re going to talk about here so you can maintain the shower in a tip top condition. It’s easy to keep 8mm shower glass panels clean and they do make a much better protection and solution than a curtain which will pick up mould and mildew after a while resulting in you constantly having to change it. Why not have a look at  to see what’s available. How then do you keep a screen clean?

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As you use a shower the water will naturally be thrown everywhere and whilst this is great at protection your floor and fixtures the water will build up and create water spots. It is essential therefore to have in the first instances a scraper to remove the excess after the shower is finished. This is similar to a window cleaning scraper and it will easily remove the water giving you’re a fighting chance of stopping anymore build up. One of the main problems with the water in certain areas of the country is it is described as “hard”. What this means is that where it is taken from the water as harmless deposits such as calcium carbonite. This shows it has a high mineral content after the rain water, which is soft passes through the natural rock of the area. If you live in a hard water area, and they are generally located in the South of England and the East then you problems with stain are more acute. How do we remove this from the Shower?

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It’s a case of using a bit of elbow grease and a cloth but you can use natural ingredients before you go and buy the more expensive options. A classic combination is that of Salt, vinegar white wine is best and baking soda. First of all you coat the area to clean with the vinegar. You need to leave this for a few minutes and while that is going on you should be mixing the salt, regular table is fine, and the baking soda together to make a nice paste. Once this is done you then apply the paste to the glass with a wet, but not too wet sponge. Rub this into the glass using the elbow grease and then rinse with cold water. It will come up a treat. After that, apply furniture polish, yes really, of the lemon oil variety to slow the build up from happening again.

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