How life events can add to your stress levels

In an ever growing world it appears that we are at the highest stress levels we have ever been. This is in part due to the uncertainty in the world of politics over the last few years and also increasing financial worries for many individuals.

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Doctors and psychologists actually score certain life events in terms of the amount of stress that they can cause in order to work out whether a person’s symptoms could be related to amount of stress that they are experiencing or have recently experienced in their lives. This is known as the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale.

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It is thought that if you add together the cumulative scores for the events that have occured in your life in the last twelve months or that you think may occur in the next few month, that you will come out with stress level score. If this is over 150 it is thought that you could be more likely to feel the physical and mental effects of the stress.

The top ten life events that cause the highest ‘life change unit’ scores relating to stress include:

Death of a child or a spouse resulting in the highest score of 100, divorce following behind at 73, with marital separation at 65. Imprisonment is next a 63, death of a close family member also registrs 63. Personal illness or injury is 53, marriage at 50, dismissal from work 47. The final two are marital reconciliation t 45 and retirement also at 45.

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This shows that even some of life’s most exciting and happy times can cause a level of stress that if linked with other life events can trigger stress related difficulties and illnesses. We are becoming much more away of the effects of stress on our health and relationships and many are using alternative mechanisms in order to help boost their mental wellbeing.

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