Limo is the only way to go

There is no finer way to travel than in a Limousine. These are the coolest cars in the world for getting anywhere, forget all that talk about global warming for a while and step into luxury. His cars are like a mobile hotel. You’d barely get one in the garage and there is a pressing need for some Biggleswade Garage Door Repairs if you in the area and they need fixing try

What’s the point of the stretch Limo. Why not ask Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson. They are very interested in them as Ronson shows in the video by constantly sitting on the hood of one as it cruises through the city looking “cool”. Its not really a good health and safety practice to be doing it mind and Mars seems keen as he exhorts his friend Julio to bring the stretch to them so that they can get the video for Up town funk started as he, Bruno, is ready to do his Michael Jackson impersonation again.

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Don’t think you can pop along to a Limousine dealer there aren’t any. What you have are certain manufacturers that will make a car and call it a Limousine. The Lincoln City from Cadillac are the most popular ones and generally the ones that get the most attention and photographs. If you’re off to a red carpet do, as I’m sure you going to be, then make sure you get one as you’ll not be photographed if you get out of anything other than a Stretch. It might be that the company has thought ahead and got you one. Don’t stand for a Lexus or something you’re a star honey so you need the star treatment.

Actually, you’re more likely to see them turning up ready to take Andrea to her hen do or Wayne to the races or Michaela and all her friends to their Prom. Its become a little but ubiquitous to have one. By the way there’s no booze in Michaela’s Limo though you can have some otherwise Andreas Hen is not going to get off to the right start now is it?

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One other advantage is that you don’t have to drive it yourself. In fact, considering the length of it its probably got to have a specially licenced drive that has taken a test or something. Also, don’t ask one to come to a small village as there is nothing worse than seeing one stuck down a country lane or unable to get around a corner. There also make very good banger cars after they’ve outlived their usefulness. So, when its Saturday night and you in the imaginatively called Spot nightclub watching Bruno do a passing Jackson Five rip off its good to know the transport home is sort.

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