Making Multicultural Business

To do business with people from other cultures we must know their habits to avoid misinterpretation. Here are some tips.

Keys to Doing Business in Different Cultures

To do business multicultural, learn about different ways of doing and saying things is more than appropriate. But that’s not all, as the notion is that no one feels offended, insulted or uncomfortable. Thus, it will be easier to close a deal or a deal.

BusinessWhen we do business with people from different cultures and want to achieve the goal, avoid misunderstandings and the weather is as pleasant as possible, first and foremost is to set aside prejudices and taboos regarding what everyone else says or think as well as our beliefs. At least you can read a little more before making a value judgment about a particular culture, thinking that perhaps your values ​​are distorted by the media or opinions heard in certain circles, and that we all deserve opportunity to be considered good people.

The fact adapt and accept another culture, either for traveling to the place in question or visits that country received, it opens a great opportunity for multicultural business and also to learn from things that until now had no access.

Take precautions before greeting, talking or listening, also how to sit, dress or of address are things that can not be left to chance. Be observant and analyze what makes the other before answering, be respectful to other cultures and traditions, etc.

Another issue to consider about doing multicultural business is that language can be an insurmountable barrier or not, depending on the attitude of each. True, you can hire an interpreter or to speak English, but we can not demand that the other who can speak the language or ours, or vice versa.

Learn some foreign vocabulary words might be a good idea, but careful because a wrong pronunciation or a phrase in the wrong context can mean not pursue a bilateral contract or relationship.

Business customs in different countries

Arguably, each country is different, however, worth noting some important aspects of some nations to multicultural business:

– Singapore: To greet a short bow is made ​​and shake hands. Tardiness is rude, and meetings are fast. Dress is conservative and the range is very important. If you attend a meal, not get things off the table with his left hand. In addition, you’ll get a towel and a bowl of water for you to wash your hands.

– Brazil: They are very warm to greet even in formal settings. They give two kisses on the cheeks and schedules can be flexible. The work schedule includes many holidays and meetings often take personally. The meals are made in elegant and renowned restaurants, and do not eat in a hurry.

– UK: They are very educated, conservative and formal. They greet with soft hand grip. They are very punctual and working hours are until 17:30. The structures and sectors are respected, meals are formal and may even have meetings in a cricket match.

– China: Light bows are used, taking into account the ages and ranges for the order of greeting. It calls people by last name first. Punctuality is appreciated and meetings are very reserved and structured, respecting the seating arrangement according to the hierarchy of rank. Facilities usually offer to guests.

– United States: The presentation is by the name, is not talking from very close, punctuality is expected. Scheduled meetings and not talk about it in another area, they can do business in any food, where consume much. No smoking is frowned upon.

– United Arab Emirates: The status is very important when greeting with a lasting grip hand. The work week is from Saturday to Thursday (Friday does not work). If done the call to Islamic prayer during the negotiation, everything is interrupted and resumed at the end. Women must cover entirely and men show no elbows or knees. Meals are outrageous. Do not pass food with your left hand, not hello.

– Switzerland: They are very formal, call people with the title and last name. No personal questions are asked, punctuality is vital, are very quiet in business, high places make all decisions are more likely to be invited to a lunch to a business dinner. Respect the formal manners and ends all the food that it serves.

Look for more information about a particular country when traveling or entertaining. While the host is the one who sets the rules, in some cases worth making a change and be open to each others traditions.

To make multicultural business, do not forget to consider these tips and analyze good rule to follow each according to the particular culture.

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