How to maximise the space in a small wardrobe

Although many of us live in small homes, with limited storage space, this isn’t something necessarily to be lamented, but rather enjoyed and celebrated. Living in a more compact space provides the perfect environment to find things faster and more easily.

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However, it may not seem like that if you’re dealing with a small wardrobe. The prospect of organising your mountains of clothes into a tiny wardrobe may be a daunting one. Fear not – with a pinch of imagination and by applying the following tips, you can make the restricted space in your wardrobe work better.

1. Beware of clutter

Attempting to cram every piece of clothing you’ve ever bought into your tiny wardrobe will only drive you crazy. Avoid such a calamity by purging the contents of your wardrobe, disposing of anything you haven’t worn in a year or more. Not only will you create much needed space, but you will also feel happier and save time selecting clothes.

If decluttering seems like an overwhelming undertaking, check Good Housekeeping’s article for some excellent tips.

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2. Carefully select hangers

Although they don’t have to be the same colour, it is wise to choose hangers that are the same type and size. A simple hanger with a bar is a perfect option for trousers, skirts and tops. They will help you see your clothing all at once and will enhance your efficiency when choosing something to wear.

3. Rotate with the seasons

To save space, consider rotating the contents of your wardrobe along with the seasons, using other areas, such as under your bed, or your attic, to store off-season items.

4. Use limited organisation tools

There is an abundance of organisational products available, designed to make efficient use of tiny spaces. Use them only if they actually save space, since too many of them will actually clutter your wardrobe.

Wardrobes, such as the Hampshire fitted wardrobes, found at, work better when you use other organisational tools sparingly.

5. Categorise items

If you have struggled to find a particular item of clothing in your wardrobe, categorise your clothes, firstly by type (trousers, skirts, tops, jackets) and then by colour within each of these categories. This will help you find those beautiful tailored trousers much more easily.

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