Nest of the team joins the ranks of Google to focus on Google Home

It was in early 2014 when Google was one of the most interesting movements at that time to acquire Nest, a company founded by former Apple Tony Fadell who is credited with much of the creation of the iPod. This transaction was emerging as one of the most attractive strategies for Google who sought to enter the business of home devices.

Two years after the acquisition, many believe that Google has wasted all the talent Nest, even the same Fadell even mentioned that Google was not exploiting the potential of your company, what turned out that last June the executive left the company that he had founded. Today, thanks to information collected by Fortune found out that Nest has a new mission in Google, which is set in motion the entire ecosystem of Google Home.

nest-of-the-team-joins-the-ranks-of-google-to-focus-on-google-homeFinally Nest is becoming relevant in Google

In the past Google I / O saw how the company was finally committed to getting to households by means of a powered device by your new Google Assistant, a device that would be known as Google Home and despite the rumors had no traces of Nest platform, who were supposed to specialists in the connected home within the company.

Nest platform is compatible with various devices as well as products from companies like Phillips and Belkin, which surprisingly was not used by Google for its Google Home. Today with the departure of Fadell and the pending launch of Google Home, there is talk that the Mountain View company is incorporating into its ranks more than a dozen Nest engineers who now work for Google.

This confirms that Google is thinking dismantle Nest and only keep the most important projects assets, which in this case is Google Home, where these engineers will be responsible for adapting part of the platform Nest to Assistant and who will report so Hiroshi Lockheimer direct, head of Android, to grow a platform for the connected home.

In turn, the ex-workers Nest departments collaborate with Weave and Brightness for home automation platform is integrated and essential part of the ecosystem of the Internet of Things. With that Google is closing ranks and unifying projects that seemed scattered, all with the goal of having a better integration so you can compete against Amazon and Echo, which is eating the whole market as today has no competition.

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