How to order a coffee in Italy without looking like an idiot

Italy is one of the favorite destinations for everyone to spend a few days or a few weeks in summer. Naples, Venice, Sicily, Milan, Florence. And of course, Rome is probably chosen by those who decide to spend an Italian summer. Attracted by history, monuments, Italian cuisine and of course, coffee. Today I will tell you how to order a coffee in Italy without looking like an idiot since the caé is something serious in the country of the Apennines.

Although we know how to say espresso, pronounce macchiato or love cappuccino. Ordering a coffee in Italy is not so simple. Coffee in Italy is something important in their culture and they are very proud of it. Asking, for example, a dessert cappuccino after a meal can make us look as if we had committed a great heresy.

How to order a coffee in Italy without looking like an idiot

There are many varieties of ways of drinking coffee in Italy. And each one has its name, even its time to take it. Depending on the size, the amount of milk, the temperature. And many other factors such as your tastes, you will order one or another kind of coffee.

Today I will talk about the 9 most common coffees, understanding that with them you can give yourself the pleasure of enjoying a good coffee during your vacations. Without messing up, without awakening suspicions and without being looked at as weirdos.

1. Single coffee or caffe normalecoffee in Italy

It’s the classic coffee alone. A normal caffe is the same as what we might call an espresso: A serving of coffee alone, which is usually taken in a porcelain cup and without sugar. Usually, we will find this coffee served with a glass of water and we can take it in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening, without a problem. If you think small amount, you can order a doppio or double coffee, although the usual thing in Italy is to ask for one and then ask for another.

2. Caffe Macchiatocoffee in Italy

It would be similar to our sliced, that is to say, it is an espresso or caffe normale to which a little hot milk with its foam is added. If the barista proposes it, he can make a little flower or little more because he barely carries milk. This coffee can be taken at any time of the day. Continue reading- 5 best destinations for young people with empty pockets

3. Cappe Cappuccinocoffee in Italy

The classic cappuccino or Italian cappuccino is a coffee that has three parts, one of coffee, another of milk heated to steam and another of milk foam. Although you may like to order it for dessert or snack, this coffee is only ordered at breakfast time.

It is served in a large porcelain cup withdrawing made with foam by the barista. Sometimes you will find it in the tall glass, crowned with an ice cream or with spots of cinnamon or coffee powder, in more artistic places.

4. Caffe Latte Macchiato coffee in Italy

It is the reverse coffee to the macchiato, that is, it is a milk stained with coffee. It is usually made by heating a glass of milk and adding half a shot of espresso. Which can be added later or left down, causing a slight coloration of the glass. This type of coffee is only taken in the morning .

5. American Caffe coffee in Italy

Instead of being a coffee made by the espresso machine or pressure, it is a coffee drip system , in which the proportion of water is much greater than that of coffee, resulting in a more watery coffee. Although it is not the best coffee to drink in Italy. A large number of American visitors has made it available in many bars and restaurants, where they prepare it from an espresso and adding a good amount of hot water to dilute it.

6. Caffe lungo coffee in Italy

It is not a double coffee or a coffee with more coffee. But a normal or espresso caffè to which a jet of hot water is added. But not enough to turn it into an American coffee. If the espresso seems too hard, it can be a good option to make it similar to our coffee alone.

7. Caffe ristretto coffee in Italy

It is the opposite, a single coffee or normal caffe in which the water is cut in the middle of the elaboration. Thus obtaining a very concentrated coffee since it takes the same dose of coffee in the elaboration and half of the water . Ideal for after lunch and only for the very coffee growers.

8. Caffe Corretto coffee in Italy

It is a coffee with a touch of liquor , usually grappa, sambuca or similar, which is usually served separately for one to add coffee making similar to our carajillo, or to alternate drinks of both drinks. The name refers to the taste of coffee is corrected -corretto- with liquor.

It is a cold coffee, like our coffee with ice, but with the special touch of the Italian. Normally in Italy, it is prepared to start from a normal or single caffe, to which sugar and ice are added, shaking slightly to get some foam.

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