Potential Conveyancing Issues and Ways to Resolve Them

Anyone who has ever bought a property knows that problems begin to arise once the conveyancing process gets under way.

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The good news is that being conscious of the potential pitfalls means that both you and your conveyancer will be able to deal with them.


Recently, online conveyancing has become more popular among both clients and conveyancers. It provides transparency during the whole process and means that buyers and vendors can follow the process and their professional advisor can keep them up to date with the calendar of events in the conveyance.

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The Law Society also recommends that you check that your advisor is accredited to their Conveyancing Quality Scheme.


There many common issues which arise during a conveyance and here are just five of them.

1. Disputes Between the Parties

It is often the case that what has been agreed between the parties in private is not reflected when the advisers come into play. These can include matters such as price, fixtures and fittings or the date of completion. Your conveyancer will be best suited to negotiate these.

2. The Property

Your survey may reveal problems which were not evident on viewing. You will need a conveyancer who can act quickly and ensure that the legal process continues whilst these matters are resolved. This may involve remedial works to the exterior of the property or upgrading to existing heating systems that will need the expertise of a Cheltenham Boiler Service company like  http://www.blu-fish.co.uk/ to rectify any errors before you complete the purchasing process.

  1. Missing Documentation

The vendor must provide all documents which relate to changes to the property such as planning permissions and building certificates, including those issued prior to their own purchase of the property. An efficient surveyor will help with these issues.

4. Other Documentation

Missing paperwork will slow the transaction, and it is vital that you deal promptly with requests from your conveyancer if you want the transaction to proceed as smoothly and swiftly as possible.

5. Purchasing chains can often be disrupted when funding falls through for one of the parties. Although you cannot influence the position of others in the chain, it is vital that you have your own funding in place, either through your own bank or via a reliable mortgage broker. Keeping lines of communication open will ensure disruption is kept to a minimum.

Finding a reliable conveyancer will solve many of these problems.


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