Prepare Natural Fertilizer for Plants

The chemicals are usually good items to fertilize our plants, but if you are someone like everything home, this guide will help you develop your own natural fertilizer.

How to Feed Home for Plants

Chemical elements, besides being expensive, are not always the most effective solution. For nothing better nature than nature itself whoever that is responsible for giving life and maintain it.

gardeningTherefore, the ideal is to use homemade compost or natural compost for the garden. How do I work it? Here the explanation:

Procedure for making compost

First, you must get the raw material. For this we can serve disposable materials such as grass cutting, eggshells or bananas, heart and trunks of apple, plant remains, etc. And who is anime and do not give nausea manipulate derivatives animal excrement or rotting waste, can be added to the pile.

The next step is to create homemade compost and cover bury all very well to keep out pests. It should take into account not add to this “salad” any kind of animal trail, such as fat or bones, as this may attract animals.

It is important that the pile conserve moisture. To do this, periodically must remove the top layer and check inside stays moist, and otherwise water must be added. To aerate, I Remue candle with a shovel or rake to time.

How to know when you are ready compost?

For the compost pile is ready for use at the right time, calculate the time. This averages 2-4 months therefore ideally start preparing in autumn to be ready in spring.

To know that our plant food is just right, it should be noted that even has taken a dark brown color, should have a texture similar to a wet, rough, earthy smell and sponge.

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  1. Thank you for this great information! I’m preparing to plant a large garden this year and planned to use natural fertilizers with chemicals like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

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