Preserving a lemon cut in half

Lemon is a citrus widely used in our foods whose nutritional qualities should not miss.

foodHow to preserve lemons cut

  • Sometimes, we have started a lemon in half and have only used one of its parts.
  • For half again that we will keep in the refrigerator is not dry and we can use, we must sprinkle with a little salt on top. Upon reuse, cut a thin slice and ready.
  • Another way to keep the lemon is place it face down on a small plate and cover with a glass.
  • You can also place it face down on a plate which previously you’ve thrown him a few drops of vinegar.

Other consecration on lemons

  • If you have many lemons and you are afraid that you spoil, a very effective way to keep it in a container with water, so if you should change the water every day. This will give keep for several weeks with its qualities intact.
  • If you only need a few drops of lemon to a recipe, do not cut in half, better proceeds pierced with a toothpick and squeeze gently to remove the drops that make you lack the hole you’ve made.
  • If you rallas lemon peel and place it in a pot with sugar, using this sugar to get some pastries pleasant lemon scent.

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