Problems in the Use of Gel Nails

When we are embellishments in the lounge, we do not think there are problems in the use of gel nails. You better know three major setbacks that produce these decorated nails, to be aware of what is happening and to take simple precautions.

BeautyProblems applying gel nails

Unlike acrylic, which are sculpted and then fixed in your hands, gel nails are placed directly on your natural nails and are modeled there, fixing the gel application brush. But that’s not the problem, but the means used to make the product as settle and harden: UV rays.

This is one of the biggest dangers in using gel nails, but often despise, because a little light on our hands does not seem to be dangerous, right ?

Still, we know the dangers of solar radiation with inadequate exposure, and the problem is that harmful ultraviolet rays are concentrated in that little machine where the hand is introduced. Similar to some sunbeds and undue exposure to sunlight, this may accelerate aging of the skin and leaves you at greater risk of melanoma or skin cancer.

Anyway, this is one of the problems using gel nails having the easiest solution. Suffice it to apply to all the skin of your hands, wrists and forearms (front and back) a sunscreen, or a product with SPF 60 or higher. So, your nails will be spotless and your skin will be well protected.

Problems on natural nails using gel nails

Prolonged use of gel nails has another undesirable problem : it makes natural nails brittle, weak and, in many cases, too sensitive and sore true. In part this is because, to replace or renew the top layer of gel nails, you must delete the previous almost entirely, scraping. In addition, the natural nail is always covered, and fails to “breathe” and fulfill their natural functions.

Luckily, this problem using gel nails can also be prevented. For a week before showing them off, moisturizes and nourishes the natural vitamin E and coconut oil, to strengthen them and prevent them from weakening. And remember to control the time of use, allowing your real nails get to see the light of day now and then.

Natural hidden problems

Beneath the beautiful gel nails can be a number of problems that affect the skin around, including fungi, peeling and cracking. These conditions are quite common, it is a continuous cycle: natural nails become brittle and, to hide the repeated application of the gel manicure, and so the matter worse.

Although your natural nails are not quite right, try to remove the nail gel and let it grow completely at least twice a year, to be renewed and strengthened again. Pay attention to your cuticles and skin around to see if there is a problem that requires you to remove the gel and let the natural nail in sight, to recover from diseases and conditions.

Only a little prevention you can avoid these major problems in the use of gel nails and hands look not only beautiful, but also healthy.

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