The properties of active charcoal soap for the skin

Activated carbon or activated charcoal … is the latest fashion in skin care, hygiene and treatment products. But, let it be the latest fashion, it does not imply that it is the latest discovery or that it is a novelty. Since antiquity it was already used in beauty treatments and as a poison absorber.

Today, activated charcoal is widely used to purify air, water and deodorize among other industrial applications and, in addition, as a treatment and detoxification of oral overdoses of harmful chemicals in medicine.

But what is active charcoal?

Activated charcoal does not cease to be  charcoal obtained through the combustion of  carbonaceous materials such as  nutshells, coconut, wood , … and to which it has been subjected to an  activation through a chemical process  (mixing it with acid) or  physical  (through a combustion process). Its main feature, and the one that provides its benefits, is that it has a huge amount of micropores (pores less than 2 nanometers radius).

Activated charcoal soap benefits for the skin

  • Thanks to its adsorbent and absorbent power removes grease, toxins and impurities from the skin being a fantastic component in the hygiene of acne skin. Its anti-bacterial effect is a perfect ally against acne or pimples.
  • That same capacity of absorption unblocks the pores allowing them to close and diminishing their size.
  • It brings luminosity since it achieves a smoother and refined skin thanks to its exfoliation power.
  • Applied to body hygiene, it whitens the armpits and neutralizes the odor.
  • Soothes and balances irritated skin.
  • Very useful in the treatment of insect bites reducing inflammation and relieving itching.

Organic olive oil and activated charcoal soap

We have combined all the qualities of activated charcoal with organic olive oil soap, further enhancing all its benefits.

The olive oil gives our soap making them a cleaner, beauty and treatment while all its amazing properties.

The high proportions of vitamins A, D and K and also vitamin E protect the cells against oxidation and is very beneficial for people who have alterations by allergies, eczema and psoriasis, in addition to soothing the itching and discomfort of the skin

The hydroxytyrosol is an antioxidant found only in olive oil and whose anti-inflammatory effects help improve skin abrasions, rashes and sunburns up.

The squalene, also present in olive oil is a natural moisturizer that has the property of regulating sebum secretion on the skin.

We have also added  essential oils of eucalyptus, tea tree and peppermint to further enhance all these qualities .

             Eucalyptus.  Antibacterial and antiseptic  of small wounds, refreshing and very stimulating.

             Tea tree. E l tea tree oil is one of the most versatile there, among the applications are endless  treatment of acne, psoriasis, dermatitis, disinfect small wounds, minor burns, insect bites and insect and lice treatment . Also for its antifungal capacity   is fantastic for the treatment and prevention of  fungi in the skin and nails, athlete’s foot, candida infection and cystitis and cold sores,  among others.

             Peppermint. Retains moisture  preventing premature aging,  activates the circulatory system  and acts on  skin redness   due to inflammation or acne.

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