Properties Tila flower

Linden flower or lime contains many benefits for health and beauty. We know some in this note.

The benefits of linden

The lime or linden flower (in fact they are linden flowers) is a medicinal herb with many natural therapeutic properties, most notably its analgesic capacity. Easy to find almost anywhere in the world, can be purchased at health food stores naturally for infusions or in pharmacies under other formats such as capsules or tablets.

PlantBenefits of linden flower in health

For its relaxing action, take an infusion of lime for the nights (one half tablespoon of dried flowers per cup is enough) helps achieve a smooth and restful sleep. Drink it about forty minutes before going to sleep, if you could wait longer wake up at dawn to go to the bathroom.

The same infusion of leaves of lime, mixed with a little lemon juice, also get a beneficial effect during influenza development; lowers fever and manages to “cleanse” the lungs for its expectorant capacity.

If you suffer from anxiety, this plant also going to help alleviate panic attacks and other anxiety attacks point; you will calm tachycardias, in the same way also improve symptoms of migraines and headaches, whether the cause comes from psychological problems (stress, mainly) and physical (premenstrual syndrome, flu …).

Hypertension, especially if it is caused by emotional factors (breakups, times of major exams, etc.), can be treated effectively with tila tablets or capsules, sold in pharmacies, either as an infusion to which is added another equal part of hawthorn. This same remedy can be applied in cases of acidity of stomach and gastritis , digestive effect due to plant leaves.

Benefits linden flower in beauty

Be Most interesting is possible thanks to Linden. To do this, prepare a couple of tablespoons of dried flowers per cup of water, boil and allow to cool before applying with gauze or soft cloth on the face; will help remove impurities from skin and is even able to fight bee stings or any facial scratch, given its analgesic action.

Precautions in the use of linden: Like many other plants that lower blood pressure, before taking the tila must make sure not to suffer from permanently low voltage, otherwise, consult your doctor before starting treatment.

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