Protecting your car from the elements

A car is amongst one of the most expensive items that you will ever buy and in today’s world has become a necessity for getting to and from work, dropping children off to school and getting to and from the shops. But the outside environment can have an impact both on the running and aesthetics of your car. In particular sunlight, rain and snow. This where a Bespoke Oak Carport like the ones you can see at can help add a protective layer over your car. You can’t eliminate all the effects of the weather on your car, but you can make the most of the options available to you to reduce this risk and deal with any potential issues as soon as the occur.

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Sunlight and heat

If you leave any painted or coloured item out in direct sunlight for long enough, you will find that the colour starts to fade. Paint can also start to flake and peel away. This is not too much of a worry on cars unless you have an area of paint that has been damaged then the sunlight can penetrate through the bottom layers, then flaking may occur. Storing your car in a shaded area will help to reduce the instances of damage by sunlight as will regularly washing and waxing your car as you will remove any areas of dirt and grime that might start to affect the integrity of your car paint and exterior. The interior of car can begin to heat up when placed in direct sunlight and there is nothing worse than sitting in a car that has a seat that has been heated by the sun, a metal buckle on the seatbelt that could burn and a steering wheel that is too hot to handle safely.

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Rain and snow

Snow and rain can cause similar problems for your car’s exterior including damage to your paint and in severe cases if snow falls off a nearby roof onto your car it can cause dents and dips in your car body. Equally the salt and grit that is distributed on our roads to help make them safer during icy and snowy weather can have a impact on our cars. The salt can start to corrode away the paintwork and other areas of your car. This is why it is important to wash down your car and in particular your wheel areas even in the cold weather.

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