How to put on makeup for a black dress

How to put on makeup for a black dress (and shine with your look). If there is a garment that must be yes or yes in our wardrobe, it is the black dress. The darker color of the chromatic range can save us from more than one when we do not really know what to wear. And it has become a must for any woman. Combine a black dress is quite simple because everything depends on the touch you want to give. Complements of bright colors or black combed according to the occasion and matching bag with your shoes … Do you have everything ready? You must not forget this makeup style! The makeup has become an accessory in a look, and we must not lose sight of it.

The color of your lips, your nails, and your eyes will mark (and a lot) the total look you see. You can raise your outfit to the maximum power, or make it sink into oblivion. Would you know how to put on makeup for a black dress? We give you the keys to shine with your look.

The ideal makeup to wear a black dress

A black dress is quite sober and brings the necessary elegance on any occasion. You can wear it in special moments, like an important date, an elegant dinner or a wedding, or put it in your day to day. It can become, without a doubt, your favorite look to go to the office. Also, since it is too dark a color, you can allow certain licenses in your make up. Of course, being very careful not to overdo it and make your beauty look too flashy. Follow these tips and you will have a sure hit! Keep reading mother of the bride hairstyles.

How should you put on your face with a black dress?

As we said, a black dress is too dark in itself. Therefore, you must bear in mind that your face will have to give grace to your look. That is to say, you must illuminate it, free it from imperfections and that it looks totally perfect since it is possible that the eyes of the people point towards your face. Start by applying a moisturizer at least half an hour before starting to apply makeup. This way you will have a smooth face and ready to start with the rest of the products.

– Put on a little bit of prebase, and with the help of the concealer, blur the bags and dark circles of the eyes. You can shine under your eyes and over your cheeks to give shine and light to your face, but do not pass if you do not want it to look white!

– Choose a foundation of the same shade as your skin. It is important that it be exactly the same color to prevent it from looking too artificial. Remember: always look for naturalness and you’ll be right.

– The blush or rouge should be in pink tones, or even in bronze if it is a night look. Do not apply too much, just take a little to add a touch of color to your cheeks.

Tips for painting your eyes with a black dress

The first thing you have to take into account when learning to make up your eyes with a black dress is the moment when you will wear it. That is, an evening event is not the same as a day with your friends or at work. You can not use the same shadows or the same colors in both cases.

  1. Shadows for your black dress

A very appropriate option to combine with your black dress is to apply the shadows in block, that is, make up the entire mobile eyelid with the same color. You can use an intense navy blue, a grayish black or even the whole range of browns. But if you prefer to mix colors, you can bet on virtually any shade if your lips do not have the prominence of your beauty look. If it’s a night look, take advantage of some shine in your eyes. It looks great! It is one of the best tips for makeup for a black dress.

  1. Frame your look

Another of the most basic options to wear perfect makeup with your dress is also the simplest. Bet on nude shades, or do not put any, and leave everything in the hands of eyeliner and mascara. Make a line above the eyelashes upwards, and another more subtle below. Then, apply the mascara in a zig-zag to prevent the fateful lumps from forming on the lashes. You will have a sensual, striking and very simple look to show off your black dress as never before. It is one of the best tips for makeup for a black dress.

The ideal lipstick for your black dress

The black dress is ideal to wear full-color lips if it is a party outfit. But what if you want to use it for a total urban look? As we pointed out, it is not the same! Therefore you must be very attentive to discover the secrets behind lipstick for a black dress. It is one of the best tips for makeup for a black dress.

  1. For a night look

Are you going to use a total black look? Or are you going to add color in your accessories? Both questions are crucial to know what colors to use on your lips. If you go all in black, bet on a lipstick red carmine, or pink fuchsia, burgundy or any tone in bright color. But if on the contrary, you are going to add color to your looks through the accessories, like the bag or the shoes, you can paint the lips of that same color or a similar version. Reds, pinks, navy blue or even oranges can sit great.

  1. For a day-to-day look

If your outfit is to take a walk around the city, go to work, or be with your friends one morning for coffee, you should know that you will not be served too bright colors. Bet on a nude, a gloss without color, a coral color, or the dull red without any shine. You will be ideal! It is one of the best tips for makeup for a black dress.

Perfect nails with a black dress

The truth is that your manicure is a very important part of your look. And if you wear a black dress, there is a wide range of possibilities for your nails. Everything will depend on the color of the accessories you see: green, blue, orange, red… There are many options! Do you know how to paint your nails for a black dress? Attentive It is one of the best tips for makeup for a black dress.

  1. Classic nails

The most classic colors to match a black dress are undoubtedly black, white and red. The three feel very good as they are the most elegant, so if you want to have a success sure do not hesitate to bet on one of them. Although, if you prefer, you can also combine them with nail art. It is one of the best tips for makeup for a black dress.

  1. Creativity in your nails

But if you want to run away from the classics at all costs, you can throw imagination and make some impressive nails. Of course, do not forget to take into account the rest of your makeup to succeed with your manicure. Bet on a golden color design for a special occasion, or shine with some design or drawing. It is one of the best tips for makeup for a black dress.

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