The quest to recover the land

Living on an island of some 60 million people (and rising!) land for recreational, residential or the finance/industry sector is by far a premium concern. Land, any land, is a vital resource to the country and its economy. Sadly, since the industrial revolution and beyond much of the land in Britain has been lost to the contaminates from heavy industry, disused military sites or from the asbestos laden buildings that sit on them. There is also the question of invisible contaminants such as Radon Gas.  How can this land be recovered and repurposed?

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That is where a Land Remediation Company such as can come in and work through removing any issues that the previous activity on the site has left. All detrimental elements will be gone leaving the site free for it’s new purpose whatever that might be.

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This is essential work as we start to find growing pressures on space and how we use it to the best of it’s abilities. With an ever changing working and social world the need to maximise land that was thought to be lost to industrial damage will most definitely have to be rethought.

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