Reason of Buying Facebook Likes

Face book brings the connectivity among people present in world wide. This is the simple way to reach out the information as much as possible. So friends of friends will also give up like by looking into edges present with that page. Large subscriber will have enlarged connectivity and some person will have addict towards that page likes. If edge ranking is high for a page automatically updates gets increased at high level. It is based on the process of how a user utilizes social media network . Edge rank algorithm is the important factor for spreading an informative concept through social media. It includes time decay, affinity and weight for raising its ranking process.

TechnologySpreading information through social media for getting likes

Most probably immediate updates help many users to grasp information within short period. By tags some people can receive likes for individual profile and achieve buy facebook likes easily. In case if person follows edge algorithm ranking process automatically they can achieve the target .This additionally helps in receiving notifications in news feeds. Some of algorithms are,

  • Affinity
  • Weight
  • Time decay


Affinity includes likes, messages, comments and shares in face book. Nowadays people start using this social media at high rate. It is a single user relationship how long they focus in extracting and spreads information.


Weight includes the process of adding ratings to the face book system. Like giving comments for a brand and increasing its rating features. If ratings are high, people keep on giving wide number of updates in multilevel.

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