Recording Online Streaming Videos With Movavi Screen Capture Studio

A huge number of videos can be found online. Generally you won’t be able to download those videos on your PC because the video sharing websites generally do not offer that option. Also various events are streamed live on the internet. If you do not have a very high speed internet connection it is likely that when you will try to watch a video it will take quite a while to buffer. It is indeed annoying. It is obvious that it would be impossible for you to write a review of that video under the aforementioned condition.

The best thing that you can do is download the videos and for that you will need an appropriate software. Movavi Screen Capture Studio is an excellent software which you can buy. This software can be used by even someone with no special knowledge of operating software of the like. It will be very easy for you to record screen video using this software. how to record streaming video using Movavi Screen Capture studio is given below in a step by step manner:


  • At first you’ll have to download the installation file and after that you’ll have to double click on it and after that you’ll have to follow the instructions that would appear on the installation wizard properly. After you have installed the program, you’ll have to launch it.
  • After you launch the program, the first thing that you’ll have to do is resize the frame that appears in order to determine the area of your computer screen that is to be recorded. You can also select “Fullscreen” for recording the whole computer screen
  • After that you’ll have to determine the audio source that is to be recorded. The software is by default set to record audio from both the audio input and the audio output devices connected to your computer. To disable audio recording from one source, you’ll have to click on that device’s icon and a red cross will appear indicating that the desired change has been made.
  • The software can record screen video automatically for a specified amount of time. You can choose to do something else at that time. To set the time, all you’ll have to do is click on timer followed by ‘Stop Capture after’ button and after that you’ll have to specify the duration.
  • To let the recording commence you’ll have to click on ‘REC’ button.
  • After you’ve finished recording, you’ll have to click on ‘stop’ button. The program enables you to edit a recorded video. Using the software you’ll be able to save a video in any of the most widely used video formats. The software also has presets to automatically convert a video to a format that can be played on a specified mobile device. Generally the conversion process doesn’t take long to complete.

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