Removing the Face Granites

The bumps appear all over the body and transcend age groups. Consider a simple and natural method to remove facial pimples.

Home treatment to remove facial pimples

Beyond that adolescence is characterized by the appearance of those annoying pimples, they can appear at any time of life.

BeautyOne of the most important things to learn is not to squeeze or pop the pimples on the face, for two reasons; first, because they do not disappear, and second, because they leave a mark or scar in the area where they were.

The treatment that we use is based on lemon juice.

Applying treatment for granites

What you need to do is squeeze a couple of lemons to get your pure juice and apply it on the area where the bumps are. For example, if in the face, we cover the face with lemon juice and leave it on overnight.

The next day, we rinsed with warm water, making sure to remove all traces of juice in his face. We apply a moisturizer, which we use every day, or any cream that fulfills the function of moisturizing the skin.

We repeat this operation until the bumps disappear.

Treatment and care properties

Lemon removes root granite face without leaving marks and in turn, purifies and refreshes. Opens the pores making a deep cleaning that restores tone to the skin.

Once you begin treatment, we can not expose the affected area to direct sunlight . You must use a sunscreen because otherwise stains and marks can appear. If we make this treatment should be avoided squeeze pimples, because as we said at the beginning, this action does not contribute to the disappearance of the same, however, it deepens the marks left on the affected area.

Among the properties of lemon stands is antioxidant par excellence, which contributes to a deep exfoliation.

Remember: Do not expose yourself to the sun with traces of lemon on the side because you can stain your skin. Rinse the face by the next morning to apply this treatment to remove granite face well.

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