Shiatsu massage techniques

Need to improve your focus, think more clearly and promote your memory ?. He meets these nine self massage Shiatsu techniques you can practice anytime, anywhere.

Shiatsu massage yourself will help you improve your concentration, to have clearer and better focused thoughts.

9 Techniques of Self-massage Shiatsu

Shiatsu self-massage is a simple yet effective way to promote good relief from aches and pains, help recovery from stress conditions or illness, and to improve our physical and emotional state in general. It is a massage technique that is performed only with the pressure of our hands in one’s body, accompanied by cycles of deep breathing to relieve body and mind, and in just a few minutes.

Shiatsu self-massage for decisions, memory and tolerance

For times when you need to make an important decision, takes the four long fingers of your hands to your temples and thumbs to the angle of the jaw. Click on the temples for a few seconds, and then release the pressure. Repeat a total of three times for clarity, resolution and positive action.

To enable and improve your memory, make a Shiatsu self-massage your thighs pressing his hands, while pushing down with your thumb and move your hands up and down. This strengthens memory processes.

You can also release emotions and improve memory by activating a point of small intestine meridian, located in your back. Take a hand back over your shoulder, and press with your fingers scapula bone, pushing the elbow with the palm of your other hand.

To work on your tolerance use your index finger and thumb of both hands placed on either side of your neck. Make self-massage moving them up and down with a little pressure. You will have more memory, you will improve your relationship with others, and will raise your emotions.

Techniques to improve concentration and thinking

Improve your concentration activating points bladder meridian on the face, located between the lacrimal and the nasal septum, and both sides of the end of the bone of the nose. Place the four fingers of each hand at the midpoint between your cheekbones and eye bags, and gently press upward. Hold for 3 seconds, breathing deeply, then release and repeat action 3 times in total. This massage will help to clarify thoughts and achieve intellectual approach.

If you want to have clearer thinking on an issue, do a self-massage shiatsu taking your index finger and thumb to press from both sides of the bridge of the nose (the septum, at the height of your tear). Hold for one or two seconds and then release the pressure to repeat a total of 3 times. This will improve your concentration and intellectual approach, and release creative ideas.

But if you are looking to have creative thinking, you must press both hands (longer fingers 4) below the cheekbones and up. Hold the pressure for about 3 seconds, then release and repeat a total of 3 times. It will give you more intellectual approach, sharpen your mind, and free your creativity.

To enhance your creativity, plus you can make yourself a self-massage Shiatsu holding your thumb between the index and middle fingers (middle) on the other hand, and pulling it out with some pressure. Have mental energy, spiritual balance and more accurate ideas.

Increase your concentration pressing the elbow of one arm on the upper leg (thigh, below the line of the groin). You will activate the meridians of the lung and the glass, and you will have more strength and focus your thoughts.

With these simple Shiatsu massage techniques you can improve your focus, think more clearly and make better decisions, for a life of greater prosperity and peace.

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