Six great gifts for motor enthusiasts

Cars have an enduring fascination for many people. Combining practicality with fun and timeless design, there is a car to seduce just about everyone. For those who love cars, a gift that celebrates their passion will be a winner.

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Need for speed

Driving gloves, especially in leather, always make enthusiastic drivers feel like they have a firmer grip on the wheel. They can also look really smart and protect against the sun.

Being a car lover is all about being on top of the details, so perhaps the motor enthusiast you are buying for would like a customised leather key holder or keychain.

If you are feeling particularly generous, perhaps you want to buy a special someone a gorgeous sports car. For inspiration on which one to choose, the Telegraph has compiled a list of classic British sports cars.

Pride and passion

Car enthusiasts love gifts that they can use on their pride and joy. Wheel rims can be expensive and need to be shiny to look their best, so the car lover would no doubt be pleased with a comprehensive wheel cleaning kit that helps to keep those fancy rims in sparkling good order.

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If your car lover has a vehicle that is a little less than reliable, perhaps they would appreciate a jump starter and some jump cables. Although you used to need another car for a jump start, these days there are really clever jump starter kits around that do the job completely on their own. Some of these even include a flashlight.

Perhaps your car enthusiast would like a reminder of their passion when they sit down with a snack in front of the television by using a lap tray that features a classic vehicle or even the one they are dreaming of. To find out more about purchasing a customised sportscar lap tray, check out stockists such as for ideas.

For as long as there are roads to drive on, there will be people in our lives who adore their cars. Why not make them happy even when they are not behind the wheel with a gift that reminds them of their automotive passion? They will be thrilled and may even want to take you for a spin to say thanks!


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