Spring sickness? That’s why the change of season makes us suffer

When spring knocks on the door, are we really ready to open them? Or are we struggling to get the rhythm right because of the legendary “spring sore”?

For some, it is just a malaise more mental than real. But it is a common opinion that the change of season generates a real syndrome with a series of undesirable effects. Here are some tips to get rid of spring sickness.

To reinforce the principle that this phenomenon exists. And that it cannot be categorized as a simple mass suggestion. There are data and numbers that derive from authoritative investigations and insights: spring sickness affects at least 35 million Italians between 18 and 70 women are the most affected (six times more than men) *.

When the alarm goes off …Spring sickness? That's why the change of season makes us suffer

The reflections on us, the season of the awakening of nature is comparable to the phases of our daily awakening: when the alarm goes off, not all of us are able to stand up with determination and readiness. Usually, we need an intermediate step: we stretch with a few yawns, slowly opening our eyes because the light seems like violence, we move like sloths in search of the right stimulus (and a good coffee!) To shake off the physical and psychological burdens caused by the sudden interruption of good sleep.

The sore spring consists of a similar feeling: a feeling of exhaustion, reduced the ability to concentrate, moodiness up to mild depression and anxiety, a higher level of irritability … In short, it is not easy to react well when the alarm goes off! Not that we had gone into hibernation, but we were simply waiting for a long time for a revival that, although planned, always catches us a little unprepared.

“It will be the change of season, but …”

This is the typical phrase of certain periods of the year, almost a way of saying that includes a series of feelings of discomfort. The causes of spring sickness are attributable to:

-Temperature changes
-Poor diet and inadequate for the season
-Change of sleep rhythm
-Stress elements associated with this time of year
-For those who suffer from it, the effects of pollen allergies or similar.
-What to do to better experience the best season of the year?
-Small and pleasant precautions can help us to better overcome the change of season.

What to do to better experience the best season of the year?

As it happens when we are on vacation in some tourist village. You can start with a nice muscle awakening, for example with some exercise of gentle gymnastics. A brisk walk or a trip out of town to get familiar with the environment that turns. It is one of the best tips to get rid of spring sickness.

Also, the food has its importance: small meals well distributed throughout the day (at least 5 between breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, and dinner) rich in fruit, vegetables, lean meats, fish, legumes help to find the energy for longer and more intense days.

Another lifeline to better manage spring ache is offered by some food supplements. And nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, vitamin C. But also mineral salts combined with substances able to stem fatigue, muscle weakness, and exhaustion.

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