Style Basics for Moms-to-Be

By the end of your pregnancy, all you want is for your baby to be in your arms rather than in your belly. But once your newborn has entered the world, you’ll find yourself transitioning in a number of ways, most notably where learning to care for an infant is concerned. Of course, in addition to learning to bathe your babe, breastfeed, and change diapers, you’ll also have some bodily transitions to deal with. Certainly you’ll lose a fair bit of weight and girth when your baby is born, but you’ll still have some extra baby weight to shed and it will take your body time to rebound after the stresses (and stretching) associated with pregnancy. In the meantime, you probably want something more stylish and flattering than your loose pregnancy garments to wear. Here are just a few style basics to help moms-to-be transition from before baby to after.

You might think that you’ll be able to wear some of your early pregnancy clothing after you’ve gone through childbirth and lost the bulge that was your growing baby. But the truth is that your body isn’t the same. Even if your size is roughly the same as your fifth or sixth month of pregnancy after your newborn arrives, you’ll find yourself dealing with some sagging skin in the belly region, where once it was taut. Although your body will rebound, especially with appropriate diet and exercise, it will take some time. And you want to look good and feel comfortable in the interim.

Instead of relying on ill-fitting pregnancy garments to see you through, ditch the leggings and opt instead for mid-rise or high-rise jeans that will help you camouflage your tummy and dispel feelings of self-consciousness by controlling this common problem area. Jeans are more structured than leggings or yoga pants, and thus better suited to hiding loose skin until you’ve toned up once more.

Of course, you might want something a bit more stylish than jeans to wear, especially if you and your partner are keen to revive date nights that tapered off during your pregnancy. In this case, you may be able to reuse your favorite maxi dresses from when you were pregnant by adding a chic obi belt to cinch in your waist. But you should also consider getting a cute and comfy wrap dress that will flatter your figure, hugging curves and floating away from problem areas. As a bonus, this dress will continue to provide use value as you lose weight since you can simply wrap it a bit tighter as your body shrinks.

As for tops, there are a couple of great options to consider. You could start with some custom V-neck tees from a shop like Broken Arrow. This elongated neckline will help to visually lengthen your torso and downplay a bit of belly. As style tips for moms go, though, you can’t beat a basic button-down, which offers easy access for breastfeeding, added structure to hide your dwindling baby bump, and the functionality to go with just about any bottom. Throw on a pair of trendy shades to hide those dark circles from sleepless nights and you’re good to hit the grocery store or park in style.

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