Technique to give volume to the lips

Learn how to give volume to the lips without collagen injections or surgeries, in minutes and home!

Technique to give volume to the lips

Having a luscious and sensual mouth is the dream of many people, and fortunately we have good advice to give you, to help you add volume to the lips without resorting to surgery, injections or makeup tricks that are endangered with extinction at the moment that you lean on the edge of a glass.

BeautyLearn what you have to do to give volume to the lips naturally, simple and completely safe techniques.

Items needed

Surely you already have all the ingredients necessary elements at home. Collect them, and put this into practice natural and safe technique to give volume to the lips without surgery or dangerous interventions.


– 1/2 cup olive oil, melted butter or other edible oil
– 1 tablespoon (or more) of brown sugar, brown sugar or, failing that, white sugar
– 1 pinch of baking soda
– 1 teaspoon dry ground cinnamon or cinnamon


– A soft toothbrush bristles or intermediate
– A bowl or cup where the ingredients mix
– a spatula or plastic spoon
– swabs (swabs, q-tips) or cotton pads to apply the product

How to give volume to the lips without surgery or makeup

This technique is a marvel to give volume to the lips naturally and safely. It is a 2-step procedure:

In the bowl or cup, mix the oil with sugar and baking soda to achieve a rough texture cream needed to exfoliation. Take a small portion of the toothbrush, and gently scrape your lips in small circular motions to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, surface dirt and at the same time promote blood circulation. After “massage” and exfoliate for 2-3 minutes, remove the ingredients with just wet swabs.

Then apply cinnamon. Besides being delicious in your recipes, this ingredient stimulates circulation in the lips and cause a mild temporary swelling, that will leave you with a smile sensual. Mix it up with cinnamon oil and apply on lips with fingertips, massaging gently. You will notice a tingling sensation is normal. Leave on for 10 minutes, then remove with a dry swab.

This home treatment will give purposes and sensual lips that last for hours. It is ideal to do before going to the meeting or event where you want to look fancy. Finish the treatment by applying your favorite lip balm, business or (better yet) lips, this home balm.

Out for a “touch” on events that have lasted more than necessary, you can take the cinnamon leaf oil. This will have the same effect in your mouth. To return to give volume to the lips naturally moisturizes your gloss applicator or your lipstick with a few drops of cinnamon leaf oil and applied, left to act, and removed if you want.

You can also massage your lips a few seconds with the oil of cinnamon leaves, remove, and apply your lipstick or gloss over, this time with a much more sensual mouth.

With this technique you’ll be home volume to lips naturally and safely, although we recommend you do before a test for allergies on the inside of the arm, a few days before the treatment, to avoid any interaction with the ingredients.

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