The facts about juicing

Fresh fruit and vegetable juicing is all the rage in the health community, giving rise to the popularity of places such as the Energy Juice Bar, where you can get fruit and veggie blends on the go. It is widely accepted that fresh fruits and vegetables are necessary for health, but there are some concerns about the efficacy of juicing to get your daily dose of the colorful bounty of nature. Here are some facts.

Juicing is for those who don’t like fruits or vegetables

It is a fact that many people have to choke down their fruit or vegetable portions or leave them on the plate entirely. For the sake of getting some of it in the diet at least, juicing is a very viable alternative. Juicing squeezes much of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients as possible from fresh fruits and vegetables, which is good, but usually leaves out most of the fiber, which is bad. To get the most benefit from these squeezed concoctions, it would be advisable to add some of the pulp back in. Alternatively, opt for a blended drink that keeps most of the fibrous portions present. More on

You should drink it at once

Once you juice or blend your fruits or vegetables, it is important to drink it at once. It will degrade if you leave it in the refrigerator for later, and can even cultivate bacteria. Make sure to wash your blender or juicer between uses to make sure you are not breeding an army in there and mixing it in with the next batch.

Juicing will not always lead to weight loss

It is important to note that not all fruits are ideal for weight loss, unless you consume just that. Some fruits are high in sugar (fructose), and since it is so concentrated, you can get much more of it than you would if you ate the actual fruit, which can lead to weight gain. A good example is pomegranate. One cup of the whole fruit has 12 grams of sugar, while a cup of the juice has 37 grams. On the other hand, if you are on a juice diet, you can probably handle the extra calories without gaining weight. However, you can’t and shouldn’t stay on a juice diet for more than a few days. It is not healthy. The best way to benefit from juicing is to choose what your juice.

Juicing is a quick and easy way to add fruits and vegetables in your diet. You can benefit most from it if you know these few facts.

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