Things you should avoid on your next trip

If you are planning your next vacation to a foreign destination, you should bear in mind that the laws can vary greatly from one country to another.

If you are going to travel abroad you should take note of some behaviors that you should avoid in certain countries.  And is that what is allowed in Spain can cost you a fine in another part of the world.

Things you should avoid on your next trip

Drink alcoholnext trip

The United States has very strict laws regarding the consumption of alcoholic beverages. It is illegal for a child under 21 to drink beer, wine or any other beverage containing alcohol. Even if accompanied by an adult or in the privacy of their home. All this, regardless of their nationality. It is also not allowed in certain states of the country to drink alcohol by the street or to do it in a visible way in public areas. This is reported by the Federal Trade Commission of the United States. Continue reading- The seven wonders of Portugal that you should know

Sexual relations outside of marriage

As surprising as it may seem to us, in Abu Dhabi and other countries of the Arab Emirates. Including Dubai, having sex outside of marriage is illegal and can be punished harshly, even with imprisonment. In fact, people who visit this geographical area are advised to avoid sharing the same hotel room with someone of the opposite sex if they are not married or have a close relationship. For this reason, there are many countries, such as the Government of New Zealand. Which warn their fellow citizens to take these warnings into account before traveling to this area.

Enter with chewing gumnext trip

If you fly to Singapore, better not travel with packages of gum in the suitcase. Although it seems a joke, the sale of chewing gum in this country is prohibited. So that who introduces more than two packages can be punished for contraband and face heavy economic sanctions and even prison sentences. This is reported by the Government of Singapore.

Change moneynext trip

Although Romania is part of the European Union, the euro is not a legal currency. In fact, Romania keeps its own currency: the leu. In this way, if you are going to visit this country it is preferable, for convenience, that before you change your euros in lei. However, you have to know that the change of currency can be made upon arrival at the destination, but if you do not want to have problems with the Romanian justice it is very important that you do not do it in the street because it is not legal. In fact, the change can be made without problems in the airport itself, hotels, official currency exchange offices or banks, as warned by the Government of the United Kingdom. It is important for your trip.

Feed the birdsnext trip

Although it is a tourist attraction in many places. You should know that feeding pigeons in the city of Venice are punished with high penalties. The Government of Venice alleges that pigeons not only spoil the artistic heritage of the city but also carry disease.

Light up

Bhutan has very strict laws regarding tobacco use. For starters, it is illegal to buy and sell cigarettes within your borders. Tourists can bring tobacco with them in their suitcases, but in maximum quantities (200 cigarettes). In addition, they have the duty to declare them at the airport or in customs control and pay a considerable amount of taxes. You should also take this confirmation of payment always above. In case it is necessary to show that it is for your own consumption and not to sell. Due to these restrictions, the Government of the United Kingdom warns citizens who want to travel to this country. It is important for your trip.

So, you see that before traveling to any country it is important to know their laws and everything that is prohibited and punished by law. That is why the best way to travel safely and not suffer any setback is preparing well and well in advance your trip. And knowing the recommendations offered by the official websites of the country chosen for your next destination.

In addition

It is advisable to have all the updated information on the entry requirements in the country. The necessary documentation, the visas, the security conditions. The currency information, the main telephones of interest in case it was necessary at a given moment. As well as the health situation and the need or not to get vaccinated. Do not forget either to provide a family member or friend with the details of the trip you are going to make, including the dates and places of stay.

Lastly, and no less important to avoid unpleasant surprises, I advise you to have medical insurance and travel assistance. In order to face any emergency or be protected and covered by any unforeseen expenses, you may have.

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