Thinking of my 21st birthday

Sitting at the kitchen table the morning after my 21st birthday party I thought back to the incredible party that my parents had thrown me. Not only had they managed to keep the whole thing a secret but they had invited all of my friends, new and old and all of my family members. It was the best surprise ever. My parents had hired out a beautiful hall and had organised a DJ, catering for food and had also contacted a company to hire out a Rodeo Bull. It was impressive, all I can day is the Rodeo Bull Manufacturer really knew what they were doing. I wonder if it was from ? Anyway back to the party. The food was great. They had organised for all of my favourites to be served. There were mini Lasagne’s, pizza, tiny little cones of fish goujons and chips, some wonderful pasta salads and tiny little hotdogs. I was so surprised when I walked into the hall to see it all decorated with massive ‘Happy 21st Birthday’ signs on the wall.

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The whole thing got me thinking about surprise parties and how my parents had really catered everything specific for me. So, whilst I sipped my coffee the morning after I decided to do a little bit of internet research and stumbled upon some other ideas for a 21st birthday bash.

Theme parties – these sorts of theme parties seem to be all the rage at the moment with people having ‘Game of Thrones’ parties and ‘Great Gatsby’ inspired parties. You can get all kinds of decorations for whatever theme you choose and perhaps even ask your guests to come in fancy dress!

Think about the drinks – cocktail parties are also another lovely way to spend your 21st birthday. You could arrange for the birthday girl or boy to attend a cocktail masterclass with some of their closest friends or perhaps hire a mobile bar to come along to their party complete with a signature cocktail in their name.

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Adventure – if you have an adrenalin seeking 21-year-old year you could look into an action-packed party, perhaps take them away again with a select few to a skydiving centre or even a wing walking experience.

Entertainment – as I said my parents mixed up the entertainment a little with a DJ providing music for the party and a dance floor ready for me and my friends to show off our best moves, and they also arranged for a mobile rodeo bull to give everyone a little bit of a giggle.

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