Three advantages of a grease trap

Grease traps are essential for any commercial kitchen. In addition to making good financial sense, they also offer many environmental advantages.

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1. Preventing Blockages

The main purpose of a grease trap is to protect drainage systems by catching grease fat and oil and stopping them from being disposed of in the main drainage system. This means that one of the key advantages is they prevent blockages that can damage pipes, be expensive to repair, and cause huge inconvenience and expense.

Grease traps work by collecting the grease from liquid that enters the tank by causing it to solidify. The grease automatically falls to the bottom of the trap because of its weight, allowing the remaining water to flow away and leave the grease behind. Once the tank has reached its capacity, it needs to be cleaned and emptied by a professional.

As any restaurant and hotel will know, there are legal obligations associated with commercial kitchens and waste, so always check these before investing in a grease trap to make sure you are meeting the necessary requirements. Companies such as supply stainless steel grease traps and can advise you on the correct grease trap for your needs.

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2. Environmentally friendly

Grease traps stop the grease and fat from being released into the local water system. This benefits everyone, including local residents and wildlife. The solid waste that grease traps collect is used to make agricultural mulch, so it also benefits the environment.

Consumers are becoming more and more aware of their carbon footprint. An article that was published recently by BBC News shows the impact of certain foods.

3. Economical

A grease trap can save businesses some money by reducing blockages and the need for maintenance and repairs. Businesses can’t afford to close down even for a day, as this can result in lost revenue and lost business. Investing in a grease trap can be beneficial for any business that is working in the food industry; in fact, it is an essential piece of equipment. Additional costs, such as the maintenance contract and installation costs, all need to be taken into consideration. However, the benefits of grease traps are long-lasting and far outweigh the costs, especially when kitchens are working at full capacity and catering for large numbers of guests.


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