Tips for Visiting Las Vegas

Would you like to travel to Las Vegas? Called “Sin City” is a destination for lovers of gambling and nightlife. Pay attention to these tips to make your stay incredible.

In this wonderful city of the western United States can enjoy all kinds of adventures and starring in hundreds of stories. Traveling to Las Vegas is synonymous with Elvis impersonators see on every corner (and even marry one of them in charge of the ceremony), partying every night, stay in luxury hotels, see a replica of the Eiffel Tower and the pyramids of Egypt without traveling to those countries … and above all, his grandiose casinos bet you’ve seen insurance the movies.

If you’ve never been to the “Sin City” and want to know, do not hesitate to plan a trip with your friends … the fun never ends.

Most famous casinos in Las Vegas

As it has hundreds of betting, it is good to know what the main to cross them, and they say, be lucky and get rich:

Bellagio: Has been awarded the “Five Diamonds” and was the casino of the film “Ocean’s Eleven” boasts an artificial lake of 30 thousand square meters and dancing fountains with light shows and sound. It is of the finest casinos in the city, and offers an art museum and even a botanical garden.

With regards to gambling, the poker room has 40 tables and 2 areas for high-rollers. There he performed the World Poker Tour. It also has blackjack tables, traditional baccarat, 3-card poker, craps fast, lounges for betting on horse racing and about 2 thousand slot.

Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino: Another iconic casinos that you can not miss the trip to Las Vegas . His golden facade makes it recognizable from afar. The design features a tropical style, has its own beach, a reef shark, swimming pools and the possibility to bet on bikini or swimsuit. It has 1700 slot machines, poker tables classic (as Omaha High and Texas Hold’em). Mandalay Bay Sports Book you can bet on horse races.

Palms Casino Resort have free classes to learn how to play poker on Saturdays, promotions to go during the weekend, 70 table games, an exclusive casino (GBDC Party Pit) to play blackjack tables customized served by waitresses. The area is called slot machines Slot Bonus The Boutique. It has two towers, Moon Nightclub in the works, and until 2012, the other was The Playboy Club.

Caesars Palace: You may feel you’ve stepped back in time to the Roman Empire to go on a trip to Las Vegas with this casino and hotel is decorated with fountains, columns and allegorical statues. It has the largest poker room of the city, with 62 tables and sports betting lounge with a capacity for 250 players. In turn, it offers a room with decor and burlesque style.

MGM Grand Hotel & Casino is the best known not just for betting, but also because there the film Rocky IV was filmed and where currently many renowned boxing matches take place. It has about 1,600 slot machines and 200 gaming tables.

Tips for going on a trip to Las Vegas

Safe and be thinking about getting on a plane and fly to Sin City. But first, you might want to pay attention to these tips for going on a trip to Las Vegas :

Airport: The nearest is called McCarran International. It is within walking distance of the main natural attractions outside the city. Arrive and depart from there flights from major cities in the US and Europe. Get better prices by buying advance tickets. When you arrive, you can take a taxi (costs about $ 20 to hotels and casinos) or a bus (the value is $ 7).

Accommodation in Las Vegas : The accommodations are more expensive on weekends. If you can travel to Las Vegas at any time of year, choose to sleep there Monday through Thursday. Do not worry that the betting tables open daily To have the opportunity to get a free machine! Search offers low season in winter (December to March).

Transportation: To get around Las Vegas, walking is not always a good idea because the distance between the casinos may be more extensive than you think. You can opt for the monorail, which costs $ 5 to tour the center. The bus is a little further and the ticket costs the same.

Car rental: There are several companies that are dedicated to rent cars in Las Vegas, so you can find out and decide the one that suits you. Casinos usually take place to park for free. This option is perfect to enjoy the natural attractions like the Grand Canyon or Zion National Park, or to avoid having to wait for public transport at night (every half hour).

Restaurants in Las Vegas: The best way to spend less money on eating in Las Vegas is choosing restaurants type Buffet. They are located on the main street and save enough. If you want to indulge (or you have won something in the betting) you can choose the hotel restaurants or international chains, with cuisine from all over the world.

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