Tips for Winter Travel to Europe

Maybe for some people visit Europe in winter is not a good idea due to the adverse climate of certain cities. But if you plan your stay will not be impaired to enjoy.

Browse reasons for Europe in Winter

Travel to Europe in winter is the best decision you can make. True, many escaping the cold and want to stay indoors all day, but there are whole cities it’s better enjoy freezing temperatures (well wrapped, of course).

We say visit Europe in the winter is an excellent idea for several reasons. First, because you will have many entertainment options and different than those performed in summer activities. Not only ice skating or skiing, but also enjoy other foods, less mass events, etc. On the other hand, it is perfect for saving money. If your budget is somewhat limited, so you have to tour Europe in winter . In the coldest months of the year prices are reduced by up to 40%, the luxury hotels have discounted rooms, no problems getting a place to sleep, and promotions have to stay one week, among other advantages.

The lower density of tourists in Europe during the winter allows you to find flights or train tickets , not having to wait to enter a restaurant for dinner or lunch, take less to enter a major tourist attraction, yet, know a city or destination from the perspective of a resident.

Major cities such as London, Paris, Rome or Madrid, are provided with a great infrastructure for your winter stay wonderful. If you do not want to walk the streets because you’re cold, you will always find an excellent shop or mall to meet and spend some money (remember, you’ve saved 40% in the hotel, so you can allocate some of it to give you a taste).

If you’re traveling to Europe in winter you can visit museums and art galleries in more detail, with no hundreds of people around you wanting to see the same painting or sculpture. You can go to the theater or a concert of opera, meet inside palaces and castles, and during the warm hours strolling through squares, parks and main streets.

Something to keep in mind is that some attractions have restrictions or may be closed. For example, in the case of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, you can not climb to the top due to strong winds.

Europe’s best cities to visit in winter

Once you have decided to travel to Europe in winter, because you do not like the beach or because you want to have a different experience, you should plan to meet targets during your stay. Below we offer a list of the best cities to visit at this time of year. Do not forget to wrap up well!

Reykjavik : Iceland’s capital is increasingly popular for travelers who love the cold. In turn, it is one of the safest and cleanest cities in the world. You will be able to enjoy many unique activities, like walking on the ground fault that divides Europe from North America, bathe in hot springs, see the lights of the Imagine Peace Tower (monument to John Lennon by his wife Yoko Ono) without doubt, admire the Northern Lights between October and March.

Prague: Czech Republic’s capital is beautiful all year, but when it’s cold and full of snow. Walking its streets allows you to witness luxury continental history. The city is the result of combining other five have passed through countless civilizations. One of the most beautiful attractions of Prague’s St. Vitus Cathedral, the Gothic style. Nor should we miss the Astronomical Clock (medieval) in the Town Hall tower. In front of him the most famous square is located, the old town. And if you want and you have a little time, Aldrov- Viktovice travels to a resort more than 700 meters high with slopes for all levels.

Chamonix is a small mountain village in the middle of the Alps, known for there lies the Mont Blanc. It is located in France, near the triple border with Italy and Switzerland. It has slopes that start at the sides of houses and hotels, and complete its tourist offer with restaurants, cafes, shops and more.

Edinburgh: The capital of Scotland is another place not to miss. In December, Santa Claus arrives with a parade of lanterns, and the new year begins with a custom called Hogmanay (deliver a lump of coal after 12 for good luck). Places you can not miss are Edinburgh Castle and the Palace of Holyroodhouse.

Lapland is a more beautiful city in Sweden in winter. One of the biggest attractions is the Ice Hotel, which as its name implies, is ice. Snow activities will be spoiled here, from walks with dog sleds, ski or snowboard. You can also stay in the hotel with a bonfire in front and enjoy dishes like Suovas (smoked reindeer meat).

If you are hesitant to travel to Europe in the winter or not sure after reading this article you’re already booking your days between December and March. Organize yourself and your stay, you will not regret!

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