Top 10 Ice Creams to Eat During the Summer

With the warm weather making a welcome appearance, there’s no better way to cool down than by enjoying a refreshing ice cream or lolly.

With Britain set for a three-month heatwave, we have road-tested some of the best-selling ice cream brands.

Top 10 Ice Creams to Eat During the Summer

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99 Cone with a Flake

It’s a summer treat beloved by children across the nation, and we can all remember waiting patiently for the ringing sound of the ice-cream van. The ice cream might not be the best quality, but who can resist the airy sweetness combined with crisp cone?

Ben and Jerry’s

Rich and decadent, with irresistible flavours such as Utter Peanut Butter Clutter and Karamel Sutra, it might be shockingly high in calories and full of saturated fat, but luxury brands take us to new levels of ice-cream ecstasy. A cheap tub of own-brand doesn’t come close.

Yeo Valley Organic Greek Yoghurt and Honey

Sales of frozen yoghurt are up 500 %. If you are on a health kick or counting calories, frozen yoghurt could be a good option. It’s deliciously soft and creamy and lower in fat than ice cream, so you won’t feel guilty helping yourself to another scoop.


On a sizzling hot day, a Callipo really hits the spot. Unlike the watery ice pops you enjoyed as a child, the syrupy orangey sweetness remains until the final lick.


With three new flavours on the shelves for the summer, Haagen Dazs is the original luxury brand. Choose from Yuzu Citrus and Cream, Summer Berries and Cream and Chocolate Salted Caramel.


Who could forget that tantalising brick of chocolate encased within an icy shell,topped with crunchy biscuit pieces? Who cares if it’s chocolate-flavour rather than the real thing?


Bursting with fruit flavour, and with only 94 calories each, these ice-cream lollies both satisfy and refresh. Designed for adults, there is even a mojito flavour which contains rum.


No child can resist these twisty treats. With green and yellow swirls of smooth pineapple ice cream and refreshing lemon and lime fruit ice, this lolly looks as good as it tastes. Bite inside to discover a delicious strawberry core.

Mars Ice Cream

Those of a certain age will remember when chocolate bars were suddenly reborn as ice creams. Mars was the one of the first, with Snickers, Kit Kat, Twix, Milky Way and Creme Egg following suit.


We couldn’t finish our list without including the much-loved Cornetto. This Italian-style cone has been a firm favourite for over fifty years and is associated with one of the most famous TV ads of all time.

Keep your ice creams in the freezer to be enjoyed whenever you fancy. Fridge=freezers such as those to be found at Fridge Freezer Direct are spacious enough to store all your favourite summer treats. Place your drinks in icy-cold bottle coolers and you will be set for the summer.

From luxurious brands made with double cream to supermarket tubs of soft scoop, ice cream is the most popular dessert in the country. Our top ten favourite ice creams contain something for everyone, from retro Feasts and Cornettos to kids’ favourites and healthy frozen yoghurt.

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