Top 5 destinations for children in Brazil

Some destinations for children in Brazil. These are best destinations for children. Since we are in the month of the children. I had the audacity to choose the coolest destinations for a trip with small children in Brazil (at least in my opinion). You may miss some, but my list today considers not only resorts with fun included (which is nevertheless legal). But my main focus is the tours and options. That the destination offers.

Whoever accompanies  Instagram and/or Always Family fan page has already seen a spoiler of what I suggested (if you still do not like it there!). But here is the complete list of my favorite destinations for small travelers. And what to do there. Ah, it’s not a ranking, but a nice selection of our country: These are best destinations for children.


The city in the interior of the state of Sao Paulo is growing. And exploring a very cool niche: fun in the warm water. A few years ago there is the Termas dos Laranjais Aquatic Park. With countless toboggans, swimming pools and fun for everyone. And a second super thermal park has just opened: the Hot Beach Olympia (which has prepared a special schedule from October 12 to 15. Which includes treasure hunting, laugh time, gymnastics, and football, gymnastics involving parents and children ). And brings together attractions for the whole family. In soft, moderate and radical modalities. And beach even with white sand and a surf school. Olympia has even been surveyed by the Playcenter group for a future amusement park. But for now, it’s just speculation (maybe it turns into a cool pole). But the city is worth what it already exists there!resorts for all tastes and pockets!

Main Attractions for Children of Olympia: Laranjais Spa Parks and Hot Beach, two gigantic water parks (I would take at least 2 days to enjoy each one). And the Party of the Barretos Peon happens well of the narrow one of the city also. These are best destinations for children.

2.Gramado and Caneladestinations

The most famous mountain towns in Brazil are a full plate for those who have children, seriously! There is a magic in these charming towns. To know miniature details, to have fun in the snow and to dip your favorite fruit in the chocolate fondue. (not to mention the cafes and chocolate factories that can be visited). It is still possible for parents to contemplate nature. And beautiful views in these hot cities. And if possible, schedule yourself for the special events: Christmas Light, for example, is wonderful. Main Attractions for Cinnamon Children: Steam World, Kingdom of Snail Chocolate, Alpen Park, Florybal Terra Magica Park, Dinosaur Valley, Dreamland Wax Museum;

Top Attractions for Gramado’s Children:  Snowland, Santa’s Village, Mini World, Enchanted World, Gramado Zoo and Green Labyrinth (the latter in Nova Petropolis, but only 30km to get there from Gramado and worth the trip).

3. Foz do Iguacudestinations

I have already told you of my love for Foz, and it is also a super child-friendly destination. You can not help but be impressed with the nature of the falls, but they also count on the adventures of safari safaris, as well as the various animals you can see in the park. But Foz has more for the little ones: dinosaurs, wax dolls and even water park (well asked for those who do not stay in a resort and want to refresh in the heat from there). There are good lodging options with a good pool structure and recreation to complete the fun. Main Attractions in Foz do Iguaçu Children: Iguaçu Falls with Macuco Safari, Bird Park, Dinosaur Valley, Dreamland Wax Museum, the Itaipu power plant, Itaipu Ecomuseum, Water Park Aquamania. These are best destinations for children. Continue Reading- Things you should avoid on your next trip

4.Sao Paulo and Campinas:destinations

Although São Paulo is much more on the business route than leisure tourism, the size of the city and its families has also increased the number of attractions for children, as well! There is a wide variety of diversions of various kinds, and this is really cool to spend a whole vacation there! Joining the capital with its neighboring region of Campinas, which has a new T-Rex park, shopping mall and options, besides being gateway to the great parks Wet n’Wild and Hopi Hari (which reinaugurou and think it worth knowing in the municipality of Vinhedo, but Campinas is the closest major reference) complete a superfamily trip.Main Attractions for Children of Sao Paulo : Monica Park, Chica and Restaurant of Turma da Monica (not next to the park), Kidzania, Aquarium of Sao Paulo, Zoo Safari and Zoo, Butanta Institute, Botanical Garden, Catavento Cultural Museum, Museum of Football, Planetarium and Ibirapuera Park, Museum of Imagination.Main Attractions for Children from Campinas and nearby: Hopi Hari, Wet n’Wild Water Park, T-Rex Park at D. Pedro Mall, Army Cadets School, Taquaral Park, Jequitibas Forest. These are best destinations for children.

05. Caldas Novasdestinations

It has warm water also in the heart of Brazil, and Caldas Novas is the channel. It’s good that the vast majority know the city through the Hot Park complex. (which is, in fact, sensational), but not only is it there. There are other big parks and hot springs.  The very options for lodging outside hot park count on several delicious thermal pools. And those who get tired of water can still take a walk in the state park of the mountains.  In the Japanese garden in the center of the city. And enjoy some nature and animals!

Main Attractions for Children of Caldas Novas: Hot Park, Fountains Park, Acqua Park diRoma, Lagoon Spa Park, Water Park, Serra State Park, Japanese Garden.

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