Top Considerations When Buying A Van

Once the decision has been made to purchase a van, the next question needs to be about which van is best for you. There are many varieties on the market, which can make it a confusing decision to make. You need to know what van suits your purpose and business.

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Car derived vans – Designed to weigh no more than two tonnes and are based on a car design.
Purpose-built vans (small) – These vans are based on cars and are more efficient than a larger van.
Panel van (mid-sized) – More like a car than a large panel van.
Large panel van – Provides the most space.

In addition to the standard vans listed above, you can get, 4×4 vans and your well-known pickup truck. It will be worth considering if you need your van to have off-road capabilities, as new choices will need to be made with regards to converting standard vans from Luton/box vans to a flat-bed, etc.

After you have decided what model of van you need, the next choice is the specifications. Elements that need to be considered are:

What storage you require.
What shelving/racks are needed.
What type of Van Plylining will work for your purpose. Check with companies such as
What security is required.
Do you require a sat nav or Bluetooth connectivity? This would be for good for delivery drivers over long distances.
Whilst you will not need all of the above specifications, it will be worth having an idea of the necessities before finalising a purchase.

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When shopping for a new van, it is essential that you have a budget in mind, even if you plan on making the purchase through a finance option. If you have a business, then you need to consider the following:

Are you self-employed or a sole trader? This could make your credit rating difficult to ascertain, as both business and personal finances will be considered.
Consider the time of year – make sure you are purchasing at the best time for tax purposes.
Consider your van purchase without the VAT included.
Can your purchase be seen as a business expense?
Can you afford the monthly payments/insurance/road tax/maintenance?

Finally, once you have considered all of the above, you should be ready to purchase your van with a wealth of knowledge and understanding.

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