Top tips for YouTube

Meet these tricks to YouTube and be surprised with all the extra features you can take advantage of this web videos…

Tricks for YouTube

You not only see live videos and contents in one of the most visited pages of our times, but with the best tricks for YouTube will become an all As and amaze all your friends and coworkers. Pay attention and notes with these helpful tips you can leverage the platform to maximum, and use it as never before.

12 basic tips for using YouTube

Maybe you already knew, or perhaps to watch a video doing the simplest mechanics look, select it, and give play with your mouse pointer. But there are more efficient ways to use this website. The next time you visit, try these tricks YouTube:

1. Dale Play and Pause using the space bar or the key k on your keyboard

2. Would you like to move? You can do it with the arrow keys on your keyboard, going five seconds forward or backward in the content. To fast forward or rewind 10 seconds using the keys j and l.

3. Does the boss is coming and you do not want to take the mouse and be in evidence? Mutes only your YouTube (and not the entire computer) by pressing m.

4. If the video is set in well-defined chapters, you go to them using only a button with the numbers 1 to 9 will go step by 10% of total content of your video. The 0 will take at first.

5. If subtitles bother you, you can diminish with the minus sign. But if you do not quite see them, use the plus sign + to increase the supply.

6. If you are looking for a specific artist or personality and not know what your channel, YouTube is a trick to writing in the search box the pound symbol “#” before the name (eg”#madonna”) to go directly to the outstanding, most important albums and options.

7. If you see a list of your video playback will advance automatically. But if you just choose a video and would like YouTube recommend you the following based on your preferences, without having to give Play all times, just activate the option “Auto Play”, sliding the indicator to the right of your videos.

8. If you want to see your a little bigger, but not fill the screen, activate the option “video theater mode “button at the lower right, in the video playback.

9. While watching a video, you’ll see many recommendations there together. If you are interested in something more than the current, but just want to see it then opens the option to “Add to” (below the video, information about the area), then select “View Later “and” Watch Later”. You can also do this from the results of your searches, clicking the menu button (three dots in a vertical, right titles) with the same option.

10. Since TestTube can download the new versions of the player, that adapt to any screen and have better display (if you do not like the setting that you have now)

11. Need to sync your devices, such as mobile and your Smart TV? Make it simple from a Pair of YouTube.

12. To automatically share and at a specific time or any video content, press the Ctrl and click, or simply right-click button, or set from when you want to share the video from the share button below the screen.

More tricks to YouTube do not know

There is more you can do… Pay attention to these secrets and simple shortcuts:

– Creating GIFs on YouTube: To create a GIF from any video on YouTube, you should only change the direction thereof in the address bar of your browser, adding “gif” ahead of the current. For example, instead of “ (…)”, type “https: // www. gif (…)”. You will be referred to the GIF YouTube, a utility that lets you create, determining the start and end of your animation, and add text if you like, between some other settings.

– Identifying songs from YouTube: There is a great utility that will allow you to identify and play the songs you hear on YouTube videos, and are not specified in the information. Just copy the video URL in MooMa.Sh and hit the “Moo” button to alert you clearly what artist or title it is.

– YouTube always active: If you need to activate a video while you do other things (which would lead the YouTube screen back to your activities) uses the Floating YouTube that will leave the playback screen in front all the time, no matter what do in other programs.

– Play YouTube videos in slow motion: That happened behind was a UFO? Play your videos in slow motion using the speed dial (gear shaped, bottom right within the playback screen).

– Just watch HD video or a certain quality: With the Video Quality Report of Google you will know how video quality supports your Internet connection, and also recognize other providers in your area of residence. On the streaming video and you can specify in search options, to be able to see the quality to optimize your experience. However, if you have a slow connection, you can tell YouTube that does not offer or playing high quality videos from the Account PlayBack.

– YouTube Children: Do you have children at home, and do not want to risk they see inappropriate content? Go to the bottom of the screen (any) and turn security from that button. To let them navigate their accounts directly opens the page YouTube Kids on your mobile device, which has only appropriate content for them.

– More Viral Videos: Do you feel wistful? On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, YouTube opened his Letters Of YouTube, where you will see more visualization of its first decade of life videos.

These are the best and most useful tricks to YouTube you will have the best experience on the page, what others know about you?

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