Triple Pane Vs. Double Pane Windows

If you’re ready to buy new windows for your home, you’ve got a lot of things to think about before you head down to Mr. Rogers Windows and Doors to make your final purchase. Windows don’t just come in a few basic varieties anymore. These days, there are tons of different options that can protect homes against specific concerns, boost energy efficiency, and so much more. That’s why it’s important to make the right choice. Your home windows should last you 20 years or more, so knowing all the facts before you buy can mean all the difference between making a sound investment and a shoddy one. Whatever you’re trying to do with your home, whether you want to amplify its style, protect your interiors from sun damage, save on heating and cooling bills, or simply upgrade to a new, draft and leak-free model, you can find a window type that’s going to work to keep your home feeling cozier and safer through the years. One of the primary distinctions between modern windows is the number of panes you’ll need. If you’re wondering about the crucial differences between double and triple-pane windows, here’s what you should know.

Triple-Pane Gives Better Sound Protection

If you’ve had your old, single-pane windows for a long time, there’s no denying that both double and triple pane windows will be a vast improvement over what you’ve got going now. The best way to choose between the two options is to think about your specific concerns. If you’re looking to completely block out sound and outside noise, triple-pane windows might be the better choice, especially if you live in a noisier city environment. Double-pane windows are great for creating a cozier, more temperature-controlled environment, but when it comes to really muffling noise, especially if there’s a lot of it coming from all angles, you’ll want that extra pane of glass to help create a quiet, serene indoor atmosphere. If you live in an apartment building where the constant sound of slamming doors, honking horns, and street noise is an issue, investing in triple-pane windows could be the key to a better night’s sleep.

Both are Great for Insulation

While triple-pane windows do technically have an extra layer of protection against leaks and cold drafts, both window options are going to do a way better job of protecting your home from the elements than your old, single-pane windows. In addition to keeping the cold wind out, your new windows will be better able to keep out any moisture that might be trying to creep into your home through a gap in the window. Since moisture buildup can be more a danger than a meter nuisance, this simply isn’t something you want to mess around with. If your home is located in a cold, wet climate where winters tend to be moist and full of cold rains, you don’t want to risk getting inferior or ill-equipped protection for your windows. However, if your home tends to be drier and you’re not worried about moisture getting in, double-pane windows will probably we just as good an option.

Triple-Pane Windows Give That Extra Layer of Coziness

Even if you don’t live in a wet environment, it’s possible that you’ll want that extra warmth during a bone-dry, freezing cold winter. Even the smallest draft can be enough to cause your home heating to be less effective. No one wants to suffer through the winter dealing with cold drafts in their home, especially when it can be avoided. No matter how state-of-the-art your heating system is, it’s not going to be a match for a draft that finds its way to you. While double-pane windows can be great at blocking wind and rain, if you’re really interested in keeping your home sealed shut during cold weather, springing for a triple-pane window could be a good idea.

Double-Pane are a Great Economy Option

Let’s imagine you want the extra protection of a triple-pane window, but you’re on a budget and have a lot of other home repairs to do. Don’t sweat it: In these cases, getting a double-pane option will fare just as well without costing you a ton of money. If you’re planning on doing a bunch of home repairs to begin with, you’ll probably already be contributing to your home becoming more temperature-controlled and soundproofed in the long run. As long as you buy a sturdy window model from a trusted brand, you should be able to get through the winter just fine with a set of new double-pane windows for your home.

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