Trying to avoid boxing injuries

When it comes to high impact sports such as boxing, injuries are incredibly common and come with the territory. These injuries can range from teeth being knocked out that then perhaps need Immediate Implant Cardiff way or wherever the match is taking place, through to broken bones and concussions.

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Some of the most common boxing injuries include:

Shoulder Impingement – this can occur when the shoulder joint is repeatedly hit and the acromion, which is the bone that covers the shoulder joint is impacted upon. The muscles in this area become weakened and damage can occur to the ligaments in the area. This can cause pain when the arm is moved, especially when it is raised to shoulder height. It can be difficult to try and avoid being hit in this area by an opponent but ensuring that you stretch this area of the body effectively before you begin a match or sparring practice will help to warm up the muscles and ligaments, helping to prevent some damage from occurring.

Trigger Finger – this is when the fingers get locked into a trigger position and occurs from having the hands clenched into a fist for long periods of time during matches and training. The fingers affected will eventually release but this can be incredibly painful. One of the best ways to help with these kinds of symptoms is to ensure that you soak your hands in warm water following a match or training sessions and to also stretch your fingers out from the fist shaped position during your workout and training.

Boxer’s Fracture – this occurs in the fingers and the bones in the fleshy part of the hand and usually appears in beginners and amateur boxers as they learn how to punch correctly. The only way to prevent this from happening is to practice your boxing technique and ensure that it is the knuckle of your middle finger that is the first one to connect when you punch an item or a person. Having a strong calcium intake can also help to strengthen your bones meaning injuries can become less likely to occur in the first place.

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Cuts and Lacerations – these are almost an inevitability of taking part in boxing and occur usually as a result of a high impact punch that happens on an area of the body where the skin is very close to the body area and a common area for this to happen is around the eye socket. One of the best ways to try and avoid the severity of these cuts and lacerations is to perfect your blockign and ducking techique to ry and reduce the amount of times that a connection from a punch from the opponent occurs. Keeping your skin moisturised can also help as dry and dehydrated skin is more likely to split upon an impact.

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