Web design techniques that can build customer trust

Lots of people own websites that do fairly well; however, if the website is not particularly trustworthy, many people will avoid making a purchase or signing up.

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How do you make sure that your website is trustworthy? Here are five web design techniques that will help to build customer trust in your website so that you see a higher level of engagement.

Be helpful

One of the most important ways to build trust with potential customers is to provide a helpful and useful service. This will make your website seem more competent and credible, which will help to build customer trust quickly.

You can do this by publishing useful blog posts and FAQs that can help anyone on your website. If you are selling products, make sure that the descriptions are simple and clear, and be transparent about your refund and return policies.

Make customers aware of any awards or credentials

Has your website or business ever won an award or certificate? If so, you should include this information on your website so that customers know immediately that you can be trusted. You can do this by uploading a small badge onto your logo, reminding customers that you have won an award whenever they see your logo. This is incredibly important for manufacturing firms such as those that provide Silicone Moulds such as www.meadex.co.uk/materials/silicone/ any technical awards or information that can be shared will help to build trust.

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Embrace reviews

If you do not have any awards, you can set up a review system so that new customers can read positive reviews from other customers. This will help to confirm to customers that your business is trustworthy, as you are an established business that already has a satisfied customer base.

Have a strong website design

If your website is slow and difficult to navigate, you will lose out on potential customers as they will think that your website is not very professional. According to Forbes, your website needs to be lighting fast so that users do not leave it to visit a competitor’s website. Your website should also be visually appealing with a strong colour theme.

Use statistics

You can also use statistics to build customer trust, such as how many sales you make in a year or how many people rate your service as useful.

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