What are the most demanded aesthetic treatments at Christmas?

What are the most demanded aesthetic treatments at Christmas? After Christmas Eve, another significant date in the calendar is approaching: New Year’s Eve! A moment to get together with family and friends and celebrate the new year’s entrance with the best face. For this, there will be many people who go to a beauty center to undergo an aesthetic medicine treatment. But not everything is worth it. So if we want to be spectacular at these parties, we must put ourselves in the best hands. And resort to less invasive aesthetic treatments that take advantage of all our innate beauty. What are the most demanded ‘flash’ treatments? Beauty experts explain it to you and tell you about its pros and cons.

Botox, fillers, and mesotherapyWhat are the most demanded aesthetic treatments at Christmas?

Among the treatments most in demand  is Botox , that is, those techniques that use botulinum toxin, “since they are treatments without a recovery period, which allows us to be ‘ready’ immediately for everyday life,” says Dr. Eduardo López Bran, Head of the Dermatology Service of the San Carlos Clinical Hospital, in Madrid. The forehead, the periocular area and the corners of the lips are the preferred places. “The results are appreciated after five days, approximately, and it manages to recover a fresh look. And eliminate wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows and crow’s feet,” adds Dr. de la Fuente.

Likewise, fillers are also used, mainly for cheekbones and lips, which allow correcting grooves or wrinkles that harden the expression. On the other hand, “facial mesotherapy is another technique widely used at this time since it provides luminosity and shine to the skin and can be performed alone or in combination with other treatments,” says Dr. de la Fuente. The peelings, on the other hand, unify the tone and attenuate the spots and other imperfections.

“These are simple treatments, with hardly any complications, provided they are done by expert hands,” says Dr. Lopez Bran, who is also director of the Imema Clinic in Madrid. And remember that, to avoid disappointment, it is essential to “go to a specialized center, with experienced professionals, as well as avoid solar exposures, as this will harm the treatment”. Dr. Antonio de la Fuente adds, also, that due to the possibility of a small hematoma arising from infiltrations, it is recommended to perform the treatments at least one week before the event.

Firmer skin

As we see, there are many options to dazzle these holidays. And each person “must receive prior advice to know which is best suited for their skin, age, and the results they are looking for,” recalls Yolanda Albelda. But there are treatments suitable for the majority and, in fact, they are among the most appreciated by customers.

The ‘Accent Prime’, for example, is a unipolar radiofrequency platform with ultrasound. It can be done the day before and even the one of the indicated date itself, because, not only does it not have any kind of secondary effect, but, on the contrary, it has a flash effect, since it stimulates the collagen whose results are appreciated since it ends the treatment. With it, you get a firmer and ‘raised’ skin.

Another one that is also having a lot of success on this vacation is the ‘Crono Rejuve’. “A custom cocktail of active ingredients is created which, by means of an ultrasound peel, penetrates the deeper layers of the epidermis with greater efficiency (and without producing any side effects, or any external marks in those first days). of the needs of the skin, it is complemented with specific equipment and finished with an occlusive mask, “explains Yolanda Albelda.

Teeth whitening

Finally, another of the beauty rituals that stand out for these dates is tooth whitening. And there are more and more advances in this area, for example, the use of lasers. However, we must remember that these types of techniques, although they are suitable for most, have their contraindications in some cases.

As explained by the specialist Patricia Bratos, from Ferrus & Bratos, it is a procedure designed to clarify the tone of the teeth, which combines the action of custom-made splint kits, with a led lamp session in the clinic, also known as cold light or laser lamp, which favors the performance of bleaching agents. In this way, this technique allows clarifying the teeth with greater intensity. It is one of the best aesthetic treatments.

 How it is performed?What are the most demanded aesthetic treatments at Christmas?

Bleaching begins with an oral examination followed by professional dental hygiene – or prophylaxis – to ensure that the treatment acts on a healthy and plaque-free mouth. After the prophylaxis, we proceed with the whitening.

Once the molds have been taken and the custom splints have been made, the first outpatient kit is delivered to the patient, that is, to be taken home. For its action to be effective, the splints – with the bleaching gel – must be put on the mouth during the hours of sleep.

After fifteen days, the session with a cold light lamp is carried out in the clinic. To do this, the mucosa is isolated with a special gel that is polymerized. So that it does not suffer any damage, the whitening gel is applied to the teeth. And the machine is allowed to act.

After this visit, the second whitening kit that the patient must use during the next 15 days at home is delivered. Finally, the patient will return to the clinic, where records will be taken to verify the effectiveness of the same. It is one of the best aesthetic treatments.

In what cases is tooth whitening not recommended?

Not in all cases, dental bracketing is the appropriate treatment to highlight the whiteness of the enamel of the teeth. We can distinguish two cases in which the problems of staining will not be solved with this procedure: Severe staining. Although tooth whitening is indicated to eliminate. Or reduce the intensity – of the stains caused by the action of tetracyclines, in cases of severe staining it will be necessary to resort to the treatment of veneers.

Bluish or grayish spots. Bleaching gels do not have any effect on those teeth that have grade III or IV stains. That is, those with spots of grayish or bluish tonalities. It is one of the best aesthetic treatments.

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