What Does Dreaming of Blood?

What does dream of blood, wounds and injuries ? Discover in this article how to interpret better these dreams

The Meaning of Dreaming Blood and Wounds

What does dream of blood and wounds dream? Is it a bad omen, or a good premonition?

Blood can be the engine of our existence, or the terrible consequences of bad choices. The liquid that triggers our body is pure energy, and also warning when it appears in the wrong place, leaving our body or irrigated surfaces. May be pain and strength, it is many things, and especially when it appears to us in dreams. Learn the meaning of dreaming of blood, wounds and injuries.

DreamWhat does dreaming about blood?

Blood symbolizes life and our higher feelings, while also represents, in our dreams, the fear of illness or accidents. If blood is red, vivid and bright, and does not represent us disgust or displeasure, the dream speaks of material prosperity achieved with quarrels or disputes.

Painless bleeding but indicates the need to free ourselves from a distressing situation, a problem that we carry some time ago. The more abundant the blood, the closer we are to free ourselves from this conflict. If noticed blood stains on clothes, we could be facing the signal hidden enemies, even people who believe in us are betraying trust. But if we see our stained hands, we are talking about bad luck on labor matters through no fault of us.

If we dream that we bleed and feel pain warns us of bad news to come and handle difficult situations. If clearly identify the site of the wound or bleeding, we can also deduct health problems in that area. But if we dream that someone else is bleeding, we are warned that we are hurting that person, deliberately or inadvertently.

What does dreaming transfusions?

If we dream that we participate in a blood transfusion as donors or donors, we indicated our willingness and good wishes to help a specific person or part of a project. But if it is you who receive transfusions in the dream, it is a sign of the arrival of significant problems: labor and economic difficulties, bad projects and others, but have the help of someone else.

The meaning of dreams with injuries

Wounds and injuries typically represent our own pride and dignity being affected. If you sleep by healing of a wound, bleeding bite or injury, you are talking about betrayal and bad intentions towards you, even by those who have helped you before. The bleeding bites indicate envy and resentment. If you are one who bites into the dream exposes a bad disposition on your part to that person or project.

If you dream of a gunshot wound or a stabbing element with agony and suffering, it may be that you receive unpleasant surprises, betrayals, infidelity or bad plays; if you heal and sound of the gunshot wound indicates that this problem will be resolved shortly.

What does dreaming about doctors?

Know what it means to dream of blood is also analyze the situation. If a doctor appears in your dream or a healer of some sort, you can be lighter we speak of good health, good business to come, and conflict resolution.

If in the dream you are visiting the doctor defines your fears, emotional problems, threats and seeking solved probably find your answer quickly. It may also be a reflection of your fear of disease or accidents.

Now you know what it means to dream of blood, wounds and injuries, to better interpret the signals coming night.

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